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Wednesday, April 21

It's Good To Be Home

Finally, I had touched down in Boleh-land this morning (7am). The flight was marvelous as I got the aisle seat next to the exit. Which means I had plenty of room for my legs. And the beautiful air stewardess sitting directly facing me is like an icing on the cake. But it was totally hell for me when I was getting from the Haj International Airport yesterday night. Traffic was crazy before the terminal and I was running late. Not a good start. Reached the terminal and it was like a market out there.  As you can see from above picture. All of us had to queue up for security check one by one before entering the airport. This is the first time I was rushing all the way till boarding the plane without any time to spare. Well, at least the flight was good. And now I am home sleeping on my favorite bed. No where is better than home. Cheers~!

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