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Tuesday, April 20

It's Confirmed

I think it's confirmed by now that the unit mentioned by Gizmodo was the REAL deal. As you can see from the official letter above sent by Apple to Bruce. Let me explain what is happening to those who is still 'lost'. Someone found an iPhone in a pub last week and speculation started that the phone was the next generation iPhone or iPhone HD. But some other party claimed that it's a clone from Japan but people from Gizmodo tested it out before it was remotely turn off and confirmed that it's really an iPhone. People from Apple knew bout this and called Brian up from Gizmodo to return the phone back to them. But Brian requested an official letter for the return of the phone, hence the letter above. So for you all out there who doubt it was a fake previously, (hahaha!!!) in your face!!

ps: photo above courtesy of Gizmodo.com

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