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Tuesday, April 27


This is the iPod dock which I discovered during my visit to Singapore's Computer Fair few months back. I saw plenty of good docks or speakers out there, like B&W 5336 speaker which has one of the best sound quality I had ever heard on a dock. But then again, I wanted a dock which could provide me the time, alarm feature, FM, charging for my iPhone and also in this model mentioned, CD player capability. You can also plug in your thumb drive and play the files directly from it. How cool is that?

The CD door slides upwards rather than out like the usual one which is way cool. As you can see from the picture above, the player support not just CD but SD card, USB flash drive but also MP3 player input. So I can just plug in my thumb drive and play right away from it. Or you can dock your iPod/iPhone on it and play from there. CD player is also an option here if you wanted to listen to some of the songs which it's not in your pod or player. It had alarm and also FM capability but no AM, but who the heck listen to AM over here. 

The speakers are super light and thin. But rest assure that this doesn't drag down the sound quality of it.

As you can see, the player/dock also comes with a sub-woofer. How cool~! Now you can rest assure that you can experience the true bass sound from music like Linkin' Park or even Metalica. 

 And of course, any good player should come with a remote for ease of controlling. The normal price for the unit cost around SGD399 or more but since it was their fair that day, it was selling around SGD129 or so which means it cost around RM250+ only. I was so tempted to carry this baby home. But then again, I had already own a dock which I bought few months back. Do I need another dock? Maybe for my new house? I can place one in the living room and another one in my bedroom. Yes, I can do that. haha!!!

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