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Sunday, May 30


I saw this mini series in my playlist for months but didn't gave it any thought till some friends of mine were talking but the songs inside the show. I think most of you out there would have watch or at least heard about it since it's already rolling into the third season now. I had managed to watched 18 episodes of it in 3 days. Yes, you heard me right, it's really that good and entertaining. Entertaining in terms of the musical scenes in each of the series. It's an American Musical Comedy Drama all lump into one. The mini series tells of a school teacher, Mr. Schuster who decided to pick up the school's music class, Glee and recruiting some of the weirdest but talented students. The hard part would be sustaining the class as there are internal issues of the members are afraid of how other students are looking at them while the external from a Ms. Sue who wanted to crush them all. Trust me the movie is not just about drama-ness but the music selections from the early 80s till the very recent Beyonce's Single Lady. One word, Fabulous~~~!!

2 Octopus:

nn said...

i love GLEE. i don't wanna watch it at first but a friend of mine copied it into my external hard disk and i was hooked ever since! :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

it's already in it's last episode now over at US. Episode 20 pays tribute to Lady Gaga. ... hehehe~!

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