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Tuesday, June 1

Show Me My Keys

It was 2 weeks back when I got to know that the developer are dividing the hand over for the houses into two batches. First would be early June and the other would be early July. I was really excited bout it but thought that I would be on the second batch since I signed my S&P quite late (Apr 09). I assumed that they would go according to the date of which our S&P are signed. Some of the forumer asked me to called up to the township department to ask and I did (like 10 times) and finally managed to get through. Talked with one of the guy and he was so nice to helped me checked and called me back to inform me that I am in the first batch of people getting their keys. Was totally excited hearing the great news.

So now, I will need to wait for the bank to release the final payment to the developer, which would be around 7 - 10 days from now. After that, I will need to settle some fees and down payment with the developer. I didn't know that TNB down payment would be so costly (RM490), maybe cause my house is running on 3 phase. After parting with my money, I will be issued some sort like a clearance letter from the Township department before giving me my key to my house. Woo Hoo~!! After that, it would be inspection time and hopefully (praying hard, fingers cross) that the workmanship is good and not much defect. And finally renovation time ($$$) and hopefully if nothing goes wrong, moving into my new house before X'mas.

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