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Wednesday, May 12

Sneak Preview of Empire's FF

Don't wanna go through the whole story on how I managed to slipped in but let's just agreed that I am resourceful. Once you come out from the lift (2 of them) you will come to the front desk with the Platinum sign. 

After passing the front desk you will be looking at the free weights area. This is the view on the right with the cycling machine facing Subang view. Further down would be the RPM studio and the Main Studio which is partially (stage) with an open view of Subang too. And NO, I don't think there is an open view in the RPM studio.

On your left you will be seeing the drinking area. And there's the stairs going to the second floor and we all know what is on the second floor now. But before that, on the left, would be the locker room but I am not sure if it's for gents or ladies. 

Closer look of the drinking section. Look's really nice but seemed a bit small for members to sit down and rest though. 

Now, on the second floor, would be the infinity swimming pool which we would be sharing with the hotel guest. You can somehow estimate how big is the pool from the picture. But there are two pillars in the middle which I don't think is suitable for some serious swimmers. Some really cool lights on the pillar at night which I noticed just now. Good place to chill out on a Friday night I guess. 

Another view from the second floor down the free weights area. Looks really bright from the big glass with a really good view of whole Subang (or most of it). Couldn't get into the main studio as it's still under reno. Seemed like still has a lot work to do but it's schedule to open on the 17th May (Monday). So I guess, they need to rush for the renovation to meet the opening date. Fingers cross.

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