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Wednesday, June 2

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior

After playing with Street Fighter IV for months I had finally managed to find another fighting game which I can say that I am hooked on nowadays. It's called Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior by Digital Legend. I think everyone is familiar with the name by now. Or you'd been living in the moon all this while. There are few game mode which you can choose from. There's the story mode, arcade, versus, time attack, survival and some free sparring in the training room. I would recommend the story mode to start with as you can unlock a lot of new moves and also characters along the way. In the story mode, you will be able to choose to go along the story or opt to accept challenges from fighters along the path to the final stage. The graphics isn't the best in town but again, it's not just about the graphic but the moves are so nicely executed and I can say that it may really do the late Bruce justice in some way. 

In the Story mode, you played as Bruce all the way to the end. You will start with meeting/fighting with Shen Lo and meeting The Master who teaches him some moves. Fight with some local thugs like Small Boy, Sin Fu, Johnson to some serious bad-ass fighters like The Chief, Lo Ming and eventually the World Champion Brick Davis to name a few. There's a lot of achievements to unlock which is really fun. There's this Style Editor which you can edit the moves of Bruce with the other fighters. It may be tough to start with but once you get the hand of it, it's so darn cool. Seeing Bruce perform his even famous finishing moves and also grabbing styles. 

Control wise, it's simple as hell. There's just jab and kicks. You have high and low punches and kicks according to the directions you're pressing the key of course. Simple directional combo with kicks or punches to execute some nicely design move like the one above here. His trademark single fist move to the belly. I had finished playing the game and all the unlocks are done but still playing with it cause it's really that entertaining. And it's only USD4.99 which is half the price you paid for Street Fighter IV.

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