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Sunday, July 18

Back Online

As I mentioned earlier last week, my desktop suddenly failed on me one night. I'd suspected that it's either the main board or hard disk which caused the problem. After passing my CPU to my cousin to checked, he had confirmed that it's my main board issue. He found that there's some corrosion and burned mark in some parts of the board. I guess it's due to the flood which happened during my stay at SS2 previously. Some water or moisture had sipped in and corroded my board slowly. So I had changed a new main board and everything is fine. Thinking of adding another 500GB HDD for back up since the price are so darn cheap nowadays.

Since he's installing the new board, he helped me to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 which is so cool. Yes, I only just started using the new OS now. Solve the main board issue and now back to my back ups. All my musics and back up files for my phones are running under Vista and it's unable to boot now. But luckily I can still access the file from the new OS. Exporting or migrating the old back up files to the new iTunes is damn messy. Songs are overlapping and jumbled up. Sigh~! Spent whole night arranging everything and creating the playlists again. 

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