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Friday, July 16

Plants Vs. Zombie

Found another new (not really) game to share with you all on your iDevice (iPhone or iPod). It's called Plants Vs. Zombie. The game was out some months ago by PopCap Games, but I didn't give it much thought as I am not so into strategy/defense kind of game. But decided to give it a try last weekend. So I downloaded it and started experimenting with it. To my surprised, I am hooked onto it nowadays.

The game is simple, defend your house from the invading zombies. The battle field would be your lawn and you have to defend it from the infesting zombies. Your weapons of defend would be plants. Yes, you heard me right. It's the green whose gonna save you from being eaten by the zombies. 

You started off with the standard Peashooters to defend you from the zombies. You need sunlight to plant seeds and you can also plant sun flowers to get more sunlight. As you can see from above, these are some of the many (44) plants (weapons) which I had unlocked so far.

You have your regular garden zombie which is low in defense to the buckethead zombie to the MJ like zombie which will summon zombies direct from the ground. The game keeps you up your wits with all the new plants and zombies being thrown at you every single level. Where different type of environment (night or day) and zombie, you will need different type of weapons to fend them off. Another challenge would be the limited slots which you can equip your weapons in each round which is 7. So think carefully and plan your strategy wisely.

This is one of the bonus round which you can see, I had planted plenty of triple peashooters and Tall-Nut to defend myself from the ice cart zombie. The game is very intense to some level which let you think and challenge yourself to outsmart the zombies. Remember to soil your plants or the zombies gonna eat your brains out when they reach your house. Good luck and have fun~! (Rating: 4 out of 5)

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