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Friday, July 23

Comex 4.01 Jail Break

Comex had twitted few days back that he is not going to wait for Apple's iOS 4.1 and will probably be releasing the new Spirit jailbreak software soon. I am not going in details of the technical in here so I will go straight to the point. The new Spirit will be able to jailbreak iOS 4 for iPhone 3G, 3GS (for both running on new/old boot rom) and also iPhone 4. In his tweet, he had told that we will need to back up our SHSH blobs now. I had just back up mine a few minutes ago and decided to let you all know how to do it. 

1) Go to download the new Umbrella firmware from their website here.
2) Read the 'read me' file in it and back up your SHSH blob file.

Why do we need to back up our SHSH blob and what is this SHSH thingy? Well, let me put this in simple English. SHSH Blobs or ECID Blobs are like I.D assigned onto our iDevice by Apple. This unique digital signature will be sent to Apple server for authentication every time you connect your iDevice to do a restore & update to a newer OS. Restore can only be done if the I.D is verified by Apple. When you update to a new firmware, this I.D will be change. So when a new firmware is out and you encountered some problem with it, you will need to restore to the previous firmware but you can't since it's already been erased. So Saurik, creator of Cydia had created a server which act as something similar to the Apple server which save our SHSH blobs and we can retrieve it to restore our firmware to the previous one. Understand? No? Just download the firmware and back-up~!

PS: Again, I would like to say that the author do not take any responsibility of any damage which might happen to it's readers hardware. So try at your own risk and please BACK UP

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