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Sunday, August 22

I Am Exhausted

It had been a hectic weekend for me again as I had so much in my head. First and foremost, I would like to wish my good friend Eva's daughter, Emma Choi, Happy Birthday. Really sorry that I was late but I had totally forgotten of the birthday dinner. It proves how much stuff are running in my head. I am also finalizing the design for my kitchen and wardrobe design last week. There are still some changes on the kitchen cabinets as I am maximizing the drawers system and also minimizing my cost at the same time. At the same time, registering babe's new company as she is going to start her own business soon. Thanks again to MD for introducing me to his locksmith and getting some good quote for the pad locks and key system. At the same time, I meet up with the contractors on Sunday to get a second (or rather third) opinion on my house's renovation. This weekend is too short for me and I am so tired right now. Working again tomorrow and hopefully I can start on my 'project' and hopefully everything will fall into place. For those who are involve, thanks a lot for your help. You know who you are babes~

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