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Wednesday, August 18

Mad Rush At The Gym

Fitness First at Empire these few days had been really quiet. Fasting started last week but you can see those lil traffic in the gym still appearing at some corner. But since Monday, you can really see the difference. Why? I think it's because of the expensive car park charges that Empire Gallery had imposed that's why! The rate for basement parking starts from RM1.50 for the first hour and RM1 for the consecutive hours. Even if it's just one minute over the first, they will charge you for the second. This had been proven by my friend yesterday night. I think she is still hitting her chest because of this. lolx~!! As for the Premium parking which I normally park (previously), the charges is RM3.50 for the first hour and RM2.00 for the consecutive hours or some where around that figure. 

So for me who is doing back to back classes like yesterday night (3 classes) I would at least be paying for 4 hours which comes up to RM4.50. And I even have to rush to take a bath after the last class with a couple of minutes just to spare. Nowadays, we do not have the leisure to hang around the pantry to have some chat session or cooling down as every minutes count. This is no small amount (at least for me) as I am going to Empire for 5 days a week and joined at least 10 to 11 classes. I am paying around RM18 per week and it's RM72 for a month. Top that up with my monthly gym charges and it's close to RM250 (excluding tolls and mileage). Well you do the math. Will I still be going back? Well most probably, maybe just cutting down the classes and cutting short the conversation and cool down. So what's my suggestion? Request FF to give their members flat rate for the parking. Some sort like Menara Axis previously. But please install the machine inside the gym and not outside (DUH!!).

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