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Monday, August 16

I Survived Body Attack 70 @ Empire

It was a last minute thingy as I didn't know that it was going to be the sneak preview of the new BA 70. Was told by June that it is the new release and I quickly changed into my gear and went straight in the class. I know there's something going on when I saw Teoh in Empire that day holding a basketball. You will know why later. Anyway, let's get down to the tracks that day. Teoh & June started off the warm up with Madonna's Like A Prayer. The members are all warmed up and was into 'drama' mode when we all heard the song in Track 2, Bad Romance. Teoh got a bit drama and the crowd goes wild from there. We would expect nothing less from any of the instructors.

Madonna is back with Britney in Track 3 with Me Against The Music. There is a new move called the bow tie run which has all of us running all over the four corners of the class. Tiring. Remember the basketball earlier? Well the theme for Track 4 is basketball and we are require to jump, evade and shoot hoops all the way. Track 5 is tiring as we are challenge with lots of push ups so better get prepare to feel your chest, triceps and shoulders in this track. They even have this new move called the Tricep Plank Jump & Walk Feet. In Track 6, we are trained on our agility as basketball is back with lots of lateral bounces  (defense) & dodge and pass (offense). 

The highlight of Body Attack would be Track 9 and in Track 10 we have the Squats Jump and some little Single Foot Layup moves. And finally it's time for the reward all of us with one of my favorite song, Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys. What a good work out and good launch by both June & Teoh. Prudent also was on the stage doing of the track. Congrats to him again on a good stage lead and all the best. Hope you all Body Attackers out there like the new release as much as I did.

1. Feels Like A Prayer 2010 (Clubstar Remix) – M&D feat Hazel
2. Bad Romance – Pandora
3. Me Against The Music – Computer Love
4. Music Is Moving – ClubHouse
5. Feel It – Grid Masters feat. Macka
6. Take On Me – BoomBap
7. Stamp On The Ground – Johnny Condor
8. Battlefield – Vinka Luda
9. Proud Mary – Masia
10. On and On – Anja Solar
11. Holiday – Dizzee Rascal
12. Empire State Of Mind – Chani feat. Paulette

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