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Sunday, August 15


Finally I watched the movie last night. To be frank, I wasn't that interested in watching it when I saw the trailer early of the year. Reason is, I don't really know what the trailer was all about. But one thing for sure, it's damn cool seeing the whole city being bend and flip over. After a long wait, finally it's being shown and I don't have the time to watched it till yesterday. Read bout the review and all the friends feedback are good. So the rest is history as they said it. 

The movie tells of a group of people who could enter your dream and steal your deepest secret. The team is being lead by Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his friend Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Both of them tried to steal something from Saito (Ken Watanabe) but failed and is being chased by the people who hired them in the first place. Saito decided to offer Cobb a way out if he decided to help him out with something. The plan is to plan an idea into another person's mind, hence Inception. But it's never been done, at least successfully or known till now. So he assembled a team which consists of Eames (Tom Hardy), Ariadne (Ellen Page) and Yusuf (Dileep Rao). Each of them specialized in their own field and everything is ready. Their target would be Robert Fischer (Cilian Murphy), who is going to inherit his father's fortune and Saito need him to dissolved the company's assets.

The plan is simple, now to execute it. I am not going to tell you what is the ending or how good the movie is going to be. But take my word that it's a brilliant movie. There are a lot of parts which I really like, particular the idea of us dreaming and waking up only to realize that we're still in a dream. But this is just the surface of it. What happened if you can't differentiate what is real and what is not? What happened when you are more happy to live in your dream rather than the reality? Will you stay in it? Or will you wake up from it? The best scene in the movie would be the fighting scene between Arthur and the bad guys with the rotating hallway. Totally cool. X-Men-First Class had to scrapped one part of their movie from the board as it's similar to this. For me, this is definitely a MUST WATCH. I can watch it another time or two if someone is buying. (Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0)

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