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Monday, September 13

Back To The House

After planing and going through the whole proposing process with my beloved, it's now time to go back to my house renovation. It was a full Sunday last weekend with meeting up with a couple of contractors to get some quotations on the house renovations. Me and my brother spent the whole day outside discussing and meeting with the contractors and the most important part would be the Feng Sui part. My appointment with Master Yeap today proves to be a good one. He called up and pushed the appointment 30 minutes earlier to 1030am. I am working today but luckily boss is on leave so I can wonder off early. 

Basically the Master didn't have much comment on the exterior but it's recommended to place more green outside the house. What do you know, my lucky color is White. And it's so happen that the whole house is white. Save a lot of painting cost here. Sofa position and TV had to be switched for better flow of 'chi' in the house. Which I do agreed after hearing his explanation. I need to place some Water element ornaments at some particular corner of the house and a Wood element painting in the house. So guys, you know what to get me. haha!! Mirror at the dinning hall is another added fortune for me too. 

Living room reflects the male while kitchen on the female of the house. Had to shift the back door to block the fortune from flowing out. This is very important. Making a partition to block direct view of the stove is another crucial thing. This is the only major thing for the whole house which he mentioned. At least I can place my stove facing the toilet without any major consequences. I do pick up a few pointers along the way when he explained to me earlier.   He even gave advice on our handphone's numbers as it reflects our luck and fortune. And it's damn accurate for both of us. Mine is a good number although the last four digits do spell a bad omen to Chinese. Babe's number was unfortunately not that good and is recommended to change it to another number which the Master will give to her. 

For the price that we're paying, I think it's quite worth it and the quality of the advice given are very good too. Like I mentioned earlier, he even bundle in the handphone number advice (FOC) which he normally charge RM200. Now I can finally start my renovation this coming Thursday as the Master had calculated which is the best date. hahahaa!! Yes, it's a Public Holiday, but I got something up my sleeves.

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