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Friday, September 10

The Proposal (Part 6) - The Moment

Finally arriving on the final chapter (I hope), which is the actually dinner itself. As I mentioned earlier, I had gone through their menu and know what I wanted to order for both of us. As Eva said, this shows the sincerity and also ordering on behalf of the lady first is another tip I picked up for an added point. So we chatted while waiting for our 5 course meal to arrive. Yes, this is our first fine dinning together so we're a bit excited too.

While waiting for our first course to arrive, we talk bout normal updates on each others life since I don't want to get so heavy before the appetizer.

Babe was really happy with her Grilled Sea Scallop. 

I am enjoying my Black Mussel Saffron soup too.

The main course arrived, and I decided to get a picture together. Testing the quality of the lighting actually before the big event. There is a French couple sitting next to us puffing their fags, it's a bit disturbing for babe, but we can't do much bout it. Sigh~! 

Babe, really enjoyed her Rack of Lamb with goat's cheese crust. I think she can sense something is coming. 

As for me, I am enjoying my Mountain honey roasted duck breast. At this moment Mr.Wan is signaling if he should brought out the flowers. I gave him the signal to hold on. Right after the delicious dessert, I excused myself with an excuse to prepare the cupcakes. Oh, yeah,  it was babe's birthday that night. So she thought the cupcakes was for her birthday. Cleaver me~! Hitting two birds with one stone. Hehe~!

I placed the box of unopened cupcakes on the table and hold her hand while seriously looking into her sweet brown eyes. I asked her to moved in to my new house but she rejected as we're not official married or registered. She always said that I didn't even proposed to her so I don't have to think so far. So I asked what if I proposed NOW? She was taken aback. At that time, I signaled the guy and he brought in the bouquet of Ferrero Rocher and I go kneeling on the floor while opening the box. I asked her to read what's written on it. 

At this point she was a bit confused and excited at the same time. She was asking where is the ring. I told her I don't have money to get her one now. 

 Maybe she can take the one made from fondant in the box. She was a bit disappointed I think.
At this moment I asked her to look inside the Tiffany box next to the fondant ring in the box. 

When she popped open the box, there it is, the diamond ring. I believe I sensed some really touching memorable moment right there and then. 

Yes, I told her it's a REAL diamond ring. Yes, it's looked bigger than it seemed. I think I need to slap her back to reality when she saw the ring. haha~! 

Without further a do, I quickly slipped the ring into her finger. 

And not forgetting the Ferrero Rocher of course which she really really LOVE. I can see from her face there. 

So what's her answer? The picture says it all.

The face of a happy women~!
All the 'ang moh' in the restaurant clapped when she accepted my proposal. It was really meaningful and memorable moment for both of us. The proposal cupcakes, the bouquet of Ferrero Rocher, the perfect cut diamond, a beautiful dinner and the perfect moment for both of us. Thank you to all those who are involved in making this proposal a memorable one for both of us. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. Without you, I am sure the night wouldn't be perfect as it is.

Flowers RM200, Diamond Ring RM5K, Dinner RM400 that smile on her face when she say YES, Priceless!!

6 Octopus:

Bel Jee said...

Awwww.... so touching *tears in eyes* :))

I love the picture with Romiko holding the "yes" frog, do you suppose she will let me use that picture for TeaRoom FB or blog? :p :p :p

And that guy did a good job with the photographing wor...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

No problem babe~ i'll send u the picture without the watermark if u want :)

the photographer is me :P

Bel Jee said...

If you don't mind promoting your blog, then with your blog mark is good ah... ohhh... maybe you post one onto my TeaRoom FB, then it will go into the fan album ^^

BaBy OcTopUs said...

free publicity is alright with me :) u can use this for ur blog. i will post one without onto ur FB TeaRoom :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

wow!never know my cousin i grew up with is such a romantic person. congratulation! and indeed like u mentioned, its priceless...:) so happy for u!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

thanks couz~! Yeah~! i scared myself sometimes .. haha~!

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