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Monday, September 20

iPhone 4 in Malaysia ... FINALLY!!!

Finally the wait is over. Maxis is going to held a pre-launch at The Gardens Ballroom from 23rd Sept till 25th. There's even a midnight launch event at the same place from 12am till 4am. Yes, you heard me right. You can check out the dates and details from here for reservation. You can even start making booking online from the website. Similar to the 3G[S], there are also four (4) iValue plans. Starting from RM100, RM155, RM250 and RM375. Maxis had actually upgraded the data usage from 500MB to 1GB for the iValue 1 plan for instance. For details you can check out here.

Let's get down to the pricing of the phone:-
iPhone 4 16GB (RRP: RM2,290) 
iPhone 4 32GB (RRP: RM2,690)

So what happened if you are already tied to a contract similar to me. I am tied for 2 years and left around 9 months on my current contract. So I can opt to continue with a 12 months or 24 months contract and add that to my existing one. In the website they mentioned that for those who enrolled for their 24 months contract will be eligible for an extended 2 years warranty. No further info on that but just this. As other countries like Singapore and Hong Kong offers ACP (1 year) but we do not have that over here. Sadly~! So what are you waiting for? As the slogan goes, be amongst the first to own an iPhone 4.

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