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Sunday, September 26

A Bad Week

This week has been a  long tail of bad luck for me. Well that is what I felt at least. So lets see what happened this week in my life.

Work Place: 
It's been a long week with a lot of rushing and submission of a few projects. One project which covers 70% of my whole year project run into a bump. Everything seemed to go my way all the while but suddenly something happened and now I need to do some 'extra' work to 'iron' the issue out. It's gonna be a hectic week again tomorrow as a few projects is going on the same time. And I need to go out station the whole week for some exhibition and seminar. 

My House: 
I am checking up on the renovation work almost every day with the contractors and meeting up with them to update on the work done. Was informed that my porch is leaking and I need to lodge an official complain with the developer for the rectification work which might take weeks. Was there yesterday to settle some payment with one of the contractor and visited my house. Found out that my house was a mess and the current contractor didn't covered my floor with clothes as now the plasters are sticking on the floor and everything looked really messy. The contractor did assured me that it's alright but I am really annoyed to be honest. As I do not want any dispute coming out later on this. And he even covered up the porch with plaster even though he know bout the leak. WTF?!! What happened when the plaster fall down? Damn~!

My Car Park:
Woke up this morning and ready to go out when I saw my car being clamped?!!! WTF?!! As my car park was being parked by another car yesterday night, I had decided to park some where else and that some where else is someone else parking. So I walked up to the guard house and complaint bout the issue. They gave me excuses but I wasn't in the mood to listen and called for their head. The head went out for lunch and they didn't want to call him and I just waited for 45mins for him to come back. After some discussion, the head finally agreed to released my car without any penalty. Sig~! Came back from shopping and my lot is being park by another car again!! WTF~!! This is a never ending nightmare for me.

Maxis Account:
I found out that my name under Maxis had been blacklisted hence I can't change to other telco. So I went over to check what is this matter is all about. After waited for some time finally it's our turn and the guy told me that my outstanding balance dated back to 2007. WTF?!! It's for their broadband service. I never subscribed their broadband before, so how the hell did I owe them money?? And why wasn't I informed of this? It's been 2 freaking years?!!! So the guy asked me to go to another counter for details which we waited for 45 minutes. Fark!! The women told me to make a police report and come back to them with the report for them to tender to their forensic team to investigate. If they found no evidence of foul play, I still need to pay. WTF?!!! Maxis fark up my life again!!

This is just some of the big issue for me this week. Not going into some minor minor issue which I don't even have the energy to tell. Sigh~! Sorry for the winding post on a Sunday night, I know everyone are gonna read bout this on a Monday blue morning, but heck, at least after reading this, you may think that your life is better than this guy writing  this.

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