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Tuesday, September 28

I Survived RPM 48 (Challenge) & Body Pump 75

It's that time of month again. It's Les Mill's launching again for all their GX programs. I didn't managed to make it for the official launch last weekend. But I managed to joined my usual class tonight and here's whats new with the new release. Well from what I felt at least. So here goes for my unofficial run through of the new release. First class would be RPM Challenge by June. In this new release we have the usual run down of track 1 to 6 with an additional track 3 & 6 (previous release) and finally track 7 and cool down. The warm up seemed to be a no brainer similar to Tik Tok since the new release was also sang by Ke$ha, Your Love Is My Drug. I am not into details like previously as I don't really remember the chorey from my first trial. The first pace track wasn't that much of memorable compared to the previous releases to me. Luckily the first hill track was starting to get tough although nothing compared to True Believer or Summer Rain. 

Mixed Terrain track was a bit disappointing as it doesn't have that kind of feeling where you're really going up and down. Although we do have to do twice standing climb in the track. The Interval track by Spacegliderz brought us all back to the mountains and it's really good. We have a lot of up and down during this track. Speed work again similar to mixed terrain was a bit disappointing. Not that much omph~! Finally the last Mountain Climb track brought the house down. Like the title goes, It's Not Over, the climb isn't over until the fat lady sing. Plenty of standing climb with long intervals. Damn I am panting like a dog under the sun after this track. Satisfying. The Ride Home track by Train was my favorite. Singing half way and bid farewell as I need to rush for Brian's Body Pump class. 

Firstly I would like to say that BP75 rocks. The songs are strong and you can really sing a lot with it. Well singing along with the track really makes you forget bout the weights your carrying at least. Warm up we have the wide rows this time around. And plenty of biceps towards the end. Squat tracks wasn't that tough so it's recommended to add weight for track 2 all the way to 6. We sing along with Henry Blank's Whatcha Say. You have to follow the tempo this time around to really work those legs. Plenty of double bottom halves. Chest wasn't that tough, so you can increase your weight as you sing along with Pitbull's Shut It Down. There's a short push up at the end of the track. Back track is another sing along song originally by The Calling. Started with a slow dead rows before going up with some fast paced music. Another no brainer with 3 similar sets with single rows and 4 triple wide rows in between. 

Triceps would be the easiest for me for the whole release. Pink is back in the house with Bad Influence. 3 sets of triceps extension (if I remembered correctly) with 8 bottom halves triceps presses. Finishing off with some kickbacks towards the end. Nothing will kill you or come near to it in this track. So go crazy with the weights. Biceps too isn't that hard, since I am able to load up to my usual 6kgs tonight. It's really similar to Walk This Way. Plenty of bottom halves and singles all the way. Lunges this time around isn't that tough too, so increasing weights is an option. We have a lot of bottom halves squats (option with weights) towards the end. Shoulder track would be the hardest of all for me. We start with the bars and go crazy with the Mac Raise again with some really crazy long combos. Then we end with over head bars. One word, exhausted. Abs track wasn't that much of a challenge at this point as most of the muscles are all numb by now. haha~! Finally a great cool down by Adam Lambert's Whataya What From Me? What a great release. Gonna do it again tomorrow together with Body Step 81 & Body Combat 45.

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