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Saturday, September 25

The Legend of The Fist : The Return of Chen Zhen

Donnie Yen is back this time as the legendary Chen Zhen. For those who is not familiar with this name, I am a bit disappointed, but anyhow, not everyone is a Kung Fu flick fan like I am. Anyway, Chen Zhen become famous after it was first played by the legendary Bruce Lee back in 1972. After that famous movie, many had remake the movie namely Jet Li and now Donnie Yen. The original movie tells of Chen Zhen who came back from Japan after his studies to his martial art school, Jing Wu. His master Huo Yuan Jia was killed in a duel with the Japanese due to some evil plot. Chen avenged his master's death by winning a duel with the same guy and he is sentenced to death. At the end of the movie, he jumped out from the door and later being shot by the Japs. This is where the new movie takes off. 

Chen didn't die at the end as he was being replaced by someone else. He fled to France as most of the Chinese had allied with the other countries to fight the German during the first World War. He survived together with some of his comrades and swear that they will fight against the Japanese who is their real enemy back in China. But he can't go back as Chen Zhen as everyone had already assumed he's dead. So he went back as his comrade who had died in the war. In Shanghai he befriend with the owner of Casablanca night club, Liu Yiutian (Anthony Wong). 

One of the best scene would be Chen donning an all black suit with a mask which resembles the Green Hornet's character played by the late Bruce Lee. That fighting scene was so damn good. Another scene would be the one at the end of the movie where Chen wore an all white shirt fighting 20 over Japanese soldiers in the dojo. Damn it was so intense. I am not sure it's the air cond or that scene was so tense that I was shivering. Not going to spoil the movie for you, so go watch it. So who is Donnie gonna play in the future as I think most of the people already been played by him or Jet Li by now. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

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