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Thursday, September 30

I Survived Body Step 81 & Body Combat 45

Finally I finished off all the GX program launches (for myself) which I normally joined. Well, Body Attack would be an option actually. I heard that Body Step 81 is better than the previous release and well, I had to say I agree with it too. It was supposed to be Prudent's class but he is off oversea, so Brian took over for the month. Body Step 81 had more omph to it for me. Even the first track, the remix version of 3 from Britney can really warm your body up. Track 2 and 3 from the warm up isn't that much to shout about but it's still alright. This time around we start the first 4 tracks with the board placed straight rather than across. We have a recycle track from the Step Athletic track from Body Pump 74, She's  A Genius. So you can sing a long (like I did) for this track and kill yourself.

The Mixed Strength track, Under Pressure is really similar to One Night In Bangkok which explains why the instructors kept on playing that track weeks before the new release. The power peak track, No Sleep could be and I am sure is the hardest track of the whole release. I mean there's so much across the board with nut cracker and basket ball hop across the board. My legs are really tired at this time. But we have the Step Recovery track after this to recover from. The track isn't that tough but we do have some lunges and plenty of them too. The Party Step track isn't that interesting (for me) maybe cause my legs are a bit numb by now. But the last Peak track really bring me back to life with On A Mission by Southern Light. You can go wild with this track and sing along with the instructor. Overall, it's a nice release and I think I can bare with it for a week or two. 

Finally it's Body Combat 45 with Master T. I had to say that I like the body warm up for this release. The music is strong and really bringing your mood up. The first Combat track isn't that bad but I don't really remember how it goes. Because The Night is another recycle track from both RPM and BC and this time around it's for the first power training track. As usual, the combat track felt like the Power Training 3. The second combat track has a lot of lunges in it with an evasive sick kick coming in. For the Power Training 2 track, not my favorite of the whole release as it's just a long track with lots of repeating moves. For the third Combat track we have the new move of inner block and upper block move and combine that with the leg movement. Try going down and you can feel the pain. Muay Tai isn't that much impressive either with lots of knees but better than the previous release though. Finally the last Power Track with See The Light from Body Pump's back track. Damn this track is powerful. We have that powerful hook move which I like and plenty of punches, trust me.

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

We dont have because the night from BP...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

oh my bad, it was supposed to be lower body warm up for BC and Track 7 for RPM. :)thanks~!

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