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Thursday, October 7

I Got Punk-ed???

Heard a knock on the door around 10pm and I when looked through the hole it was pitch black. *strange*. Didn't gave it much thought and open the door with the latch still on but I still can't see who the fark was on the other side. I thought it was my colleague as we just got back from dinner 20 minutes back. When I opened the door, I saw one guy who turned out to be a women and another guy who showed me their ID and told me they are policemen. WTH?!!! They told me that they received report that there are China Dolls in my hotel room? WTF?!!! Is this for real? So the women (who look like a men) talked to me while the other Malay guy looked around my room. I am standing between them cause I suspect something was amidst at that point but I can't confirm it. The guy asked for my identification card and jotted it down on a piece of paper while the women (did I mentioned she looked like a guy?) asking me questions.

Few minutes later when they can't find anything, another Malay guy walked in and told me the same story and since they can't find anything in my room, they have no choice but leave. I am all the while looking at them as I am worried that they might steal something from my room during the whole charade. Luckily I'd checked and nothing was lost. But what is that all about? I asked my colleague and he did told me that police actually can't do a spot check or come into my room to do a check. I should actually called the hotel to confirm of this before letting them in at that point. But the whole police stuff caught me off guard as I was a bout to sleep at that moment. I mean, what can they do even if they saw some women in my room? I can just told them that we are friend or meet some where. Duh~! I think I got punk-ed~! 

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