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Wednesday, September 8

The Proposal (Part 4) - The Bouquet

After making up my mind about the venue I thought the hard decision making part will be over. Or so I thought. In all proposal movies or real life stories which I heard so far, most of the proposal has flowers involved. So I thought, I need a bouquet of flowers too. I had tried asking babe what type of flowers which she like but she didn't have any in particular. For proposal, roses would be the ideal choice. But how many is enough? a dozen? 24 roses or go crazy with 99? Then I got an idea, chocolate.

(picture courtesy from noel website)
So I decided to get something different. Since babe love Ferrero Rocher, I had decided to gave her a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher. In this way, we can indulge ourselves with something good and not seeing those roses fades as time pass by.  I had checked on a few website and even walked in to some florist to check on the best pricing and concluded that Noel has the best package. Now, how to hide it from my babe? Eva advice me to send the bouquet directly to the restaurant and informed the manager beforehand. And that is what I did. There were some last minute rush and confusion as Noel can't confirmed on the delivery time of the package. Imagine me proposing and the bouquet isn't there yet. That is strange and defeats the whole purpose of it. But luckily after some massive calling and 'communication' with the person in charge, everything was in place. Marvelous~!

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