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Thursday, September 9

The Proposal (Part 5) - The Day

Finally everything is in place, the cupcakes, the perfect diamond ring, the best restaurant and also the bouquet of everlasting sweetness. The day started off quite well for me as I wasn't that busy and able to settled off all my work before heading to The Curve to meet up with the baker herself, TTB to pick up my order. She explained to me the whole design particularly the Tiffany box.  Actually I am still contemplating whether to use it or not. I am still carrying the ring the whole night and only decided to place the ring into the Tiffany box at the last minute. As you can see, the ring fits (almost) perfectly into the box. I had to snuffed the ring deep down to cover the top. Maybe the ring is a bit big? :ÞI would like to thank TTB again for the secrecy of the whole 'project' and the beautiful cupcakes.

(picture courtesy from TTB website)
After collecting the package I drove down to babe's house and bath before heading down to the restaurant. I am still calling the florist to confirmed the delivery time over at babe's house and they could only confirmed it around 6.30pm and the dinner is at 8pm. So you can understand my nervousness. Drive down was a breeze as it was Thursday night and most of the people are having the buka puasa at that time. I didn't want babe to see the cupcakes as it was a surprise so I hide it under the seats all the way to the restaurant. Arrived around 7.45pm and walked into the restaurant after being greeted by the manager, Mr. Wan. Had a small quick chat with him on the arrangement and passing him the cupcakes. Told me that the bouquet had arrived and I am so relived at that moment. Now everything is perfect. Next would be the perfect dinner.

2 Octopus:

Bel Jee said...

arrr... I think maybe the cover is not "deep" enough. Tried on sis ring but hers doesn't have a stone! So... I suppose there will be more picture and I have to wait for the next episode? LOL

Thanks for ordering and providing great marketing ;)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

next post focus more on picture since i don't wanna bored my readers .. haha~!

like the old saying goes, "a picture speaks a thousand words"

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