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Friday, October 8

Greenpois0n Coming on 10.10.10 @ 10:10:10 (GMT)

Finally the JB tool which everyone are waiting for, Greenpois0n is coming soon on the 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM (Yes, I know it's damn cheesy but who can blame them?). The new Greenpois0n utilizes the bootrom exploit first discovered by pod2g of the Chronic Dev Team. Joshua Hill a.k.a p0sixninja from the Chronic Dev Team tweeted that the new JB will be available on the mentioned date. Since it's uses a bootrom exploit which is a low level exploit which Apple can't fix with iOS updates unlike the previous JB. So in other word, the iDevice which uses Greenpois0n (which uses the SHAtter  exploit) will be 'off for life'. In other word, your iPhone/iPod will be JB for life. Now that is some really good news to hear.

picture from Google image search engine 

Where there's good news, there's always bad too. The good news is that Greenpois0n would most probably be an untethered JB. Which is really fantastic. The bad news is that, the new JB would only work on Apple's new A4 processor chip, in other word, iPhone 4, iPod 4G and iPad. It might even work on the new Apple TV. This is because the SHAtter exploit exploit used by Greenpois0n doesn't work on the older bootrom on older generation of iDevices. Sigh~! But I will keep you all updated if there's any news on the new JB.

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