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Sunday, October 10

Limera1n to Jailbreak iOS4.1

Finally Geohot is back in the scene today when he finally released his latest baby, Limera1n. If you are not familiar with this name and you are using a JB iDevice, then let me give you a brief run through. GeoHot is one of the first people who started JB iPhone back in the years. And he is famous for release JB such as the recent Blackra1n not too long ago. But since he is being harassed in the net, he had decided to retreat from the scene. But just a day before Greenpois0n is released, he had decided to release his Limera1n which uses the exploit by Comex (jailbreakme) which is unpatchable and untethered. Greenpois0n is using the SHAtter exploit which only able to JB all iDevices with A4 processors whereas Limera1n is able to JB all iDevices including the iPhone4, iPhone 3G[S], iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G and iOS 3.2.2 for iPad.

Geohot intentionally released his JB one day earlier before the Chronic Dev Team because he wanted them 'to do the right thing'. In the latest update, Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) from the Chronic Dev Team will incorporate their new JB with the exploit used by Geohot in Limera1n. In other word, they will reserve the SHAtter exploit for the coming iOS 4.2 update. This is kinda a good news for all of us and I think this is what Geohot said by them doing the right thing. Anyway, let's get down to the Limera1n right now. You can download the software from the link I had attached above or here. Please do read through the page for what the genius had to say. And again, jailbreaking your phone might void your warranty so do proceed with caution and always backup your phone before you try anything. Just in case you didn't know what to do, here's a clip on step-by-step way to JB using the new Limera1n. Enjoy~ and do let me know how it goes. As for me, I am gonna wait for a few days after the clouds had clear. 

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