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Monday, November 22

Welcome To Taiwan

 Arriving at Taoyuan International Airport on Sunday morning (14 Nov) with a bit of cloud in the sky. Weather forecast for the week is cloudy with a bit of rain. I can accept that.

 First stop, Wufenpu as babe and me wanted to get some clothes for the trip. Cheap? Not really. But there's a lot of choices here for the ladies.

National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall. Windy and a bit of rain but that doesn't stop us from taking a picture or two. The Prime Minister is coming on that day so we can't enter the memorial hall. Sigh~! 

Yehliu's eco-park famous stone formation the Queen's Head. You need to queue up to take picture of the head though. As you can see the neck portion of the stone is getting smaller and according to them will be broken anytime. So better snap a picture of it soon peeps. 

The famous Chiufen mountain view from the top. Totally breathtaking and one of the most windy and coldest place we been in Taiwan. 

Trip over Chiufen old street isn't complete without taking a picture of the 'old stairs' down memory lane. Simply nostalgic. 

 Fisherman's Wharf a.k.a The Lover's Bridge. Another windy place as it's next to the sea. We hold hand in hand all along the bridge. Memorable.

Tamsui Old Street which is famous for their Tia Tan (steel eggs). The best place to buy them as they have a lot of flavors to choose from. Other than that, you can also have a taste of their local delicacies such as stinky tofu and ice cream to name a few.

Martyr's Shrine. You can see the famous guards on duty here by the main entrance. Yes, they won't move an inch but don't try to be silly here as there are other uniform guard at the side to watch over them. Wait for the time when they change shift and you can see some really nifty marching.

The famous Ximenting center. It's busy as hell during night time with movie-goers queuing up to the numerous cinemas over there. The place is also known as cinema city by local. Plenty of clothes and food to choose from. Even had the famous Ah Chung Flour Rice noodle over at this area. Nothing special though. Totally over-rated.

 We were lucky as it they were holding this International Flora Exposition while we were there. Plenty of flowers and others futuristic stuff to see at this place. Entrance fees is TW300 for the whole day. But you need at least 3 days to finish the whole place.

 A must visit place at one of the section in the flower expo, the Future expo. But there's a long queue, so just be patients. It's worth the wait.

The busy busy Ximenting center in the afternoon. Totally love this shot. Gonna rain really soon. Felt like Times Square over at NY or Tokyo~! :P 

You trip isn't complete without visiting the busy street of Shilin night market. Plenty of food and clothes for the ladies. Had my homestay over at this place for the last 3 days. Simply marvelous. Eat and shop all day long. 

The Rainbow Bridge where all lovers fall in love. Great view and memorable scenery with my beloved. 

 Another shot of the busy street of Shilin night market around 11pm on a Friday night. Crazy~! The road and street are pack. Havoc but you got to love this, it's totally Taiwan. 

 We have the twin tower, they have this 101 Tower. Blardy tourist spot. haha~! 

Now you know why there are so many tourist taking pictures outside KLCC right? 

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