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Thursday, January 27

Great Day

Finally I'd watched the much hyped pre-CNY movie from our local production house. If you haven't heard of the movie before then you definitely not living in Malaysia, trust me. MyFm had been advertising about this movie even before it was shown in the cinema. Tian Tian Hao Tian or Great Day for those who doesn't read Chinese (like me). The movie as mentioned is Astro's second baby since last years success, Woo Hoo. Since I watched the movie in DVD last year and was quite satisfied with it, I had decided to give this year's movie a go in the big screen instead. Every morning, the DJs would boost that the cinemas are always sold out and so on and forth. But luckily my friend managed to secure tickets for the movie on a Wednesday night. And so they say the rest is history. 

Great Day basically is not just all laugh but instead slotted in a lot of messages and advice which reflect on our real life. It tells of filial to our parents and how people nowadays treat their old ones at home. The scenario are basically real life and I think everyone in the cinema would be able to connect with the characters as we all heard or at least been into that situation before or going to. The story starts with two old man who lived in an old folks house over at Perlis. Both boosted how filial and successful are their sibling and one of them challenged the other to sneak out off the house and meet their children. But only one managed to do so. He sneak into the back of the truck of Ah Hock (played by Jack Lim) who is a filial son living with his son and mother who is struck by Alzheimer. 
I am not going into details what happened and how's the ending would be as I am sure you need to watch it yourself to really judge how good it is. Yes, you heard me right, it's really good. Even better than Woo Hoo last year. At least this story has story line and a strong message and topic to address to the viewers. It's not just all laugh and leaving the cinema with a smile in your face but rather a question of how filial are you to your parents. I think my friends managed to connect with the movie since the ladies managed to shed some tears in the movie while I am still trying hard to get myself into the mood but at the end didn't shed any tears. No I am not cold hearted. It just that they need to work harder to get me to cry anyway. I am easily moved mind you. 

Highly recommended for the CNY season now. Bring your families, bring your friends, bring your love ones and watch it together and feel the warmth and love oozing out. haha! The radio is a bit over selling the movie for me but still the movie is a really good one and improved a lot from the first. In terms of story line and it's main issue to send to the viewers, it's spot on. I am brave to say that this movie is on par with our neighbor's country movie any other day. At least it gives them a run for their money now. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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TTB said...

Me also so belated in my comments :p. I also thought it was a really good movie. Especially it has successfully created so much tears! One thing which I feel is a bit different from the last one is the lacking of THE ultimate goal. Although the goal was to get everyone back to be with their old folks... I didn't even expect the movie to end when it ended because I thought the objective has not been achieved yet haha...

But it is highly recommended ^^, the actors and actresses are so much better! Many years back I wouldn't believe Malaysia can produce such movie :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya lo, i was like, "huh?" finished already ar? I tot someone was supposed to die or at least something happened cause I haven't managed to shed a tear yet. haha~ but the fella started opening the door and we all know what that mean :)

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