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Monday, February 7

A Good Holiday

It's a bit late but it's still the festive season so here goes. Wishing my readers a Prosperous & Wonderful Chinese New Year. A lot happened during this few days of festive season. Went back to my hometown, meet my grandparents, cousins and nephews and friends. But didn't really have much time meeting them either. Most of the time I spent at home with my relatives and cousins. And did I mentioned there's plenty of food single day? I do mean tons of cook food all the time. Imagine waking up everyday and having 5 to 6 meals a day. I mean other than eat it's just sleeping and updating our status with the cousins. But hell, we all are connected through FB, even my aunt and uncles. So most of us know what is happening among our family. Came back on Saturday and managed to catch up with my friends before they leave. Catch a CNY movie today and gonna be back to work tomorrow. Already been receiving calls from my boss and customers today for stuff to follow up tomorrow. What a quick weekend rest for me. Now it's time to work again~ Ganbateh~!

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