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Tuesday, January 25

The Green Hornet in 3D

Finally I'd watched The Green Hornet last week. Is it good? Well let's just say that it's way cooler than the original one for sure. But you can't really compare the original 60s starring the legendary Bruce Lee and Van Williams in the TV series. The new Hornet stars comedian Seth Rogen as the playboy publisher Britt Reid and Jay Chou as his partner Kato. The movie tells how the Green Hornet come about. Britt Reid is a spoil guy who waste his youth on booze and women all his life. And when his father sudden death brought him back to life, he was introduced to Kato. Kato is hired by his late father to take care of their automobiles. And also taking care of both the father & son's morning coffee. 

So one night, they decided to cut off the head of the statue of his dad, Britt came about on a robbery and with Kato's super kick ass martial arts, they managed to save the day (or rather night). And from that night onwards, Britt had an idea of protecting the city from the villains. How? By posing as villain themselves of course. Why? Cause this way, no one know that they are the good guys and they can get close to the villains. Yes, it's a bit crazy but that's him. So they embark on this adventure where Kato started creating new gadgets like the fart guy. Damn I can't stop laughing when Kato told Britt that he was off for a week after shooting the gun at himself. And of course, the Black Beauty, which Kato build. Black Beauty is of course the cool cool ride that The Green Hornet rides. 

The story line isn't that strong with a lot of slap sticks jokes here and there, but I can live with that. I have not much high expectation for the movie except plenty of jokes from Seth in the movie. You can't really compare the original ones with this as it's totally different in terms of story line and the direction of the movie is going. I mean, it's a hero fighting with villains and having fun in between. It's a funny movie to watch on a weekend and not much thinking needed for the movie. Try to maximize your experience by watching it in 3D. Since the effects are so cool. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

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