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Friday, January 21

Progress Is Slow

As you all know (well those for those who know me at least) that I am eagerly waiting for my house to be completed (renovation) to move in. I had been renovating my house for months now. I mean for the time (since late Sept) that I had spent on it, you assumed that it's a major renovation work but trust me, it's just minor works. Maybe it took a bit more time because I didn't appoint a main contractor to foresee the whole project but rather sub contracting it out individually. I can save cost on this but at the same time, need proper coordination in between them.  The major problem would be the wet work contractor which did my table top for my wet kitchen and patching work for my house. To make the matter worst, I just found out half way that he took my house renovation work as his own side income. So the work done are not as good as the one I had seen before from his company. So I complaint and he did his best and took his time to rectify my complaints.
Initial plan would be moving in before Christmas last year or latest before New Year. Then due to some delays, I had decided to give another 1-2 weeks (for the work that can be done in 3 days) more and move in before CNY. But now, I feared that it might be drag to next week which is the week before CNY. How am am gonna move in during that time? I had surveyed all the appliances to be bought but put it on hold as I am not sure when I need the goods to be deliver now. Still chasing the contractor to install the taps for the kitchen and he can start cleaning the house already. He can even start cleaning while installing the taps for me since it doesn't require any major work. But the contractor is planning to do it simultaneously with my brother's house since it will cut down on the cost (I suspect) or so he said.

Anyway, I am not a bit tired and exhausted from chasing and calling or driving up and down the highway almost every single day and spending my weekends going over my house and checking up on the progress. I would like to just sit back and just let it take it cause. Cause I really tired now. And the festive season is just around the corner. So there's gonna be a long holiday up ahead and I am not sure what's gonna happen. So I am just gonna sit tight on my seat and let fate take it's course.

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