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Wednesday, January 12

Infinity Blade

This is how it all started, with the first bloodline.

Everyone is asking me what game am I playing nowadays. Well, it's not GodFinger anymore since i had maxed the level and bought everything they had to offer in the store. The answer would be Infinity Blade. The game is develope by Chair and the most impressive part is the graphic which is powered by Unreal Technology. It was just voted by IGN as "iPhone Game of The Year". The game features an action-RPG combination type of game-play which in other word, a no brainer game. But it's not as simple as it seems. Although you don't have to give yourself a head ache on the story line but  the boss fight gets tougher and tougher by the bloodline you played. 

The graphics is the best iPhone games I played to date and what anyone could offer. 

You start off with some pretty easy enemy which the tutorial will teach you how to evade or block the attacks and when to counter back when it's the time to do so. You will need to tap left/right to evade the particular swing of blade and when it's time for you to attack, you just need to swipe along the screen to do the attacks. You can swipe from left to right or up to down to do any kind of damage you think possible in a certain amount of time to the enemy.

You know what they say about how big is your sword and your lil brother right? 
You are not just fighting with medieval enemies but also some machines equipped with some sharp nifty hammer out to crush you. As you can see from above, the weapons, armors, helms can be customized. You can buy or discover these items along the way. You can buy with the money you earn or found in the store. Sword has their own element and so does the shields, so do equipped them wisely when dealing with specific enemies as they will gain from your mistake. 
Wow, some large sword you got there bub!
This is the second last boss fight before you meet the head honcho at the bad sitting on the red throne.  The game gets easy along the way when you got a hang of the swings and how to evade or blocking them. But when you thought that you saw all the moves, guess again. When you reached bloodline 25 and above, the moves becomes faster and the combos are somewhat more challenging for you to evade. 

 At the end, there could be only ONE
There's two ending, where one of them you died after being slain by the King. Then the game will start again from the beginning with the second bloodline and it's your son now coming to avenge you after 20 years (the years varies). The other ending would be the one when you kill the King. You will uncover a bigger plot behind. But let's not spoil the ending for you all right now. The new update version 1.1 consists of 5 new weapons, shields and helmets and one armors. The maximum level had been increased from 40 to 45 too. The game is connected to the Game Center for achievement to be unlock. So it's pretty cool showing that off. Me? I had all the weapons in the Store and Max it all up to the last one. Now at level 45 and 26th bloodline and going. Waiting for the next update with the bundle of cash I have in my pocket. Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do. 

Graphic : 4.5 out of 5
Sound: 4 out of 5
Addictiveness: 4 out of 5
User Friendly: 4 out of 5

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