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Sunday, January 16

Paranormal Activity 2

I read about the review for this movie beforehand from the newspaper and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. But nevertheless, as I always said, don't believe everything you read in the paper. So I made a trip over to the  nearest cinema with some friends to give it a go. There's always some criteria for me for watching a good horror/scary movie. First it got to be a midnight show or at least something that will bring you to midnight after watching it. No point watching a horror show in the afternoon right? Secondly, get somebody who really watch it and not closing the eyes most of the time during the movie. At least we can discuss bout it after the movie ends. Lastly, watch it in a cinema and not the leisure of your home. Well unless you got a freaking good sound system at home that is. Cause for most of the time, it's the sound effect which gives your those sudden scare.

So what does the sequel has to install for us. Please do not read through if you're gonna watch it as it contains spoilers which might spoil the fun of the whole movie. The sequel of the movie actually explains what happen 60 days before the first installment. So if you have any questions like how the hell it all started and why is Katie's picture was found in the attic, well here's the answer to all your queries. The story revolves around Kristi's sister Katie who just gave birth to a baby boy name Hunter. Strange things starts to happens when they returned home from the hospitals. Strange noise from the kitchen, shadows and others like the mysterious walking pool cleaner. 

The movie started off slow and started picking up momentum towards the end with some really good frights. Sound again plays a major crucial part in any horror movie and this is nothing less than that. Loud sudden thump sound or cabinets springing out all at once and pans falling downs are some of the good effects in the movie which gave the audience some really good experience. Apart from the first movie which focuses more on hand held camera which at some point seemed a bit lost and dizzy, the sequels has a better way of showing it. It's from surveillance camera and I do like the last part where the husband uses night vision camera to search in the basement for Kristie. Damn that is some good shots.

Overall, the movie is definitely better than the first. Well for me and my friends of course. I am not sure about the rest of you but I did enjoyed this second installment. Haven't had any good scary movie for a while now and this is one of the best they have to offer since the first part. Definitely worth a watch even you didn't watch the first episode. But you do get a bit confuse towards the end when you saw Katie if you didn't watch the first though. And again, this is not a real story. So don't ask me if it's really happen or not. It's just make to look as real with our life as possible. Again the movie shows that we do not need high budget movie with big cast to have some really good horror movie. (Rating: 4 out of 5)

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