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Thursday, February 24

Air Asia - I'm Still Not Satisfied

If you read from my previous post, you know what is happening between me and Air Asia. So continuing were I left off. I had decided to have a Live Chat session from their website. Since some of my friend told me it's quite 'effective'. So I logged in around 10am and was 78 in queue. Waited for 1hour before my turn which I don't mind since I am in the office. When finally it was my turn, I was asked a few general repeated question which I don't mind again repeating. My name, contact and booking reference. After that, he gave me another email to write my 'complaint' to. WTH?!! I had waited for more than an hour and he just gave me an email account? You can just publish that email in your website and stop wasting our time waiting in the Live Chat room. 

So I calmly replied the guy and wrote in a mail to the mentioned email. At this point, I had received an email from Datuk Tony from his personal email. Although it's a short mail but he had passed my case to two of his staff namely Francis and Cheah who is both got cc from the same mail. So while I am waiting for a reply/call from them, someone from their office called me up. I had asked from which source did they reply me from and it's from the email I sent out after the live chat session in the morning. That was fast. The guy told me the same story again but this time around they are willing to refund me in terms of credit shell which is some sort like a pre-paid money in my Air Asia account. And get this, it's only valid for 90 days. WTH!?!! Where/When am I supposed to go? I had just booked tickets and it's for end of the year. Do you still think I am going to make another booking in 3 months? And will you still have any promo tickets within these times? 

I told him that I am not satisfied with the credit refund and demanded a full refund/credit to my credit account. He put me on hold and talked with the manager. Same answer, this is the best they can do. I asked to talked with the manager and guess what, I was put on hold again. And guess what he said when he came back to the phone, "My manager is not free at the moment to talk with me but that is the best offer we had for you now". WTF?!! Then what's the point of this whole conversation? So he asked me to write in to their feed back form from their website on this issue. WTH?!! Another form to write into? How many do you have? Controlled myself and went into the website and search for the page which he mentioned. It was so darn hard to find it (not sure about you). Wrote in and now waiting for someone to call me again. Sigh~!!! Worst online booking experience ever. And I thought these kind of stuff is a click away. Duh~!!!

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