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Wednesday, February 23

Air Asia - Call Me Back!!!

Air Asia just started their promo for their 1 Million low cost fair again yesterday. I managed to logged in right after midnight and the line was still very smooth at that time. But due to some lack of information from another friend, I had to wait for half and hour to finally get the info through. By that time, their system had already been flooded by customers logging in. Tried it till 1.30 in the morning and it's still the same. So decided to try again the next day. The highlight of the story actually comes now. I managed to log into Air Asia's website and finally search and found the date which I wanted to choose which is 9-12 Dec which has a RM25 promo. So I click and ding dong ding dong finally I'd reached the final payment page.

Keyed in all my details and proceeded into payment and I waited for the page to show me some kind of confirmation but it didn't. So I waited and waited and finally after 5 mins or so I had decided to check for my booking status from my Profile (since I am a registered user). Managed to logged in without a breeze but again it return a blank page at  this stage. Tried a few times but to no avail. Tried calling their Premium Hotline which cost RM1.95/min but it was always engaged. So decided to give the booking another try and after numerous hanging and error of the page I had managed to booked the same flight but on a different date. I had booked on 14-17 Dec instead since the first date (9-12) didn't have the RM25 promo anymore. Made my payment and again it hanged. WTF!!! 

Checked in my profile again and after several attempts, I had finally managed to log into it. I got the shock of my life when I saw them confirming two of the booking I had made. In other words, charging me for the (9-12) and also (14-17) flight. WTF??!! I had tried to call their Premium Hotline again and finally managed to get through to some girl. The girl wasn't much help AT ALL!!! Asked of my booking ref number and details (which last less than 5 mins)  and put me on hold for like 10-15mins. Blardy hell, the farking charges is so expensive and she put me on hold?!! It's RM1.95/min for god sake. 

Finally she came back and told me that her Manager can't rebate me the second booking charges cause it's not on the same date. HUH?!! As I mentioned, the reason I had booked on a different is because of the promo issue. I had asked to talk with the manager since I know that she can't make any decision. Then she put me on hold again (for another 10-15mins) WTF?!!! Don't she know that  the price of the call is farking expensive? And finally when she came back, what answer did she gave me? "Oh, we have a lot of calls coming in today (I assumed complaints) and the manager is not free at the moment to talk (entertain) to me. WTH?!! She did said that the manager gonna call me back later of the day and jotted down my contact number half way through when I was put on farking HOLD again!?!! WTF?!!! I'd hold for 5 mins or so and decided to hang up and let her call me back. But it didn't happen. 

I was really pissed the whole morning and expressed it out in my FB when a friend of mine told me to tweet Datuk Tony. But I didn't have a tweeter account so I'd decided to leave a  message on his personal page. To my surprise he replied my message after 10mins. He asked me to write the booking ref to his personal email and will come back to me. Wow~ That is efficient. I am not sure if he's the one who replied me or his PA but heck, at least someone did. At least the action did lower down my fire a bit. Well, now lets see if anyone return my call or mail.

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