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Monday, February 28

Air Asia - Thank You

It was last Friday and I still haven't received any correspondence from Air Asia side and decided to give Datuk TF a mail to follow up on this case. Yes, I wrote a nice decent nice follow up letter and not a complaint letter. Since I understand that rudeness doesn't really solve problem but just worsen it. Anyhow, the weekend past by really fast and it's already Monday now. Was browsing through their website for tickets for Bali and decided to checked on My Booking under my profile section. To my surprised, the second booking wasn't there anymore. I am half joyous since there's two possibilities. One, they had decided to refund me the money, second, they deleted the booking and still deciding to refund me in credit shells or through my bank. Well, anyway, I confirm again with the booking number search and it's really gone. 

This is what they wrote above:-

Thank you for emailing AirAsia.

In response to your email, we have cancelled booking number (ZCD5SN) and process for refund.
In future, please check with your issuing bank before proceeds to book second time.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Should you need any further assistance please follow us on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/AskAirAsia) simple inquiry or submit online form.
Kind Regards,
Customer Care

Went for lunch and when I came back to check my mail, I saw a mail from their customer care department. From the letter above, I assume that they will revert the money back to my bank account. Yes, finally I am going to get my money back. And hopefully soon. Since my friend had waited for more than 1 month for the whole ordeal and she is still waiting till date with no one to follow up with. Just wanna say thank you to Datuk Tony for a good follow up on the customer's complaint and reassuring that our voice are heard. With this kind of service I am definitely gonna use their service again in the future.

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