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Friday, February 18

When Are You Moving In?

I think that is the most heard question I had recently. Yup, it's referring to me moving into my new house. Well, after the first house cleaning, I went back last Wednesday to have a check on it. As expected, the floor was covered by a thin layer of dust. So I guess I need to go over again this weekend to have another go with mopping and sweeping the floors again. At the mean time, I am also scouting around for curtains and it's rod around town. Been to Baagus and it was damn expensive. Went over IKEA yesterday and saw something similar with half the price. Now I need to look for curtains for both the master bedroom and also living room. You can't move in living without any covers right?

Still deciding whether to get a complete one or tailor-made one instead. Still deciding on both since I am not so into fabrics and design while babe is too busy with work to scout around town for it. Before moving in, I need to consult my Feng Shui Sifu for a good date and also the proper procedures. Gonna make a call or trip over his office to discuss on this. Since everyone was telling me that I can't even move my old stuff as it's considered shifting/moving. So I can just get some new stuff like mattress, fridge and washing machine for the mean time. But those stuff are ex-stock so I don't think it will take them a lot of time to send it. Maybe they can deliver it on the same day I move in. Oh, thinking of moving in my new house really brighten up my day.

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