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Wednesday, March 2

Not Naked Anymore

Finally my house is not naked anymore. The curtain shop had just finished my curtains and called me up yesterday afternoon while I am having lunch with my brother. Yesterday timing was so perfect for me. I had a good lunch with my brother nearby our house when the phone rang. The workers can come over and start installing the sliders and all. The whole process took around 1.5 hours to complete. Not too long actually as there are two of them and both are very efficient in their work. 

There are only two rooms which I had decided to do the curtain which is the living and master bedroom. The rest of the room, I had only asked them to installed the sliders on top. This way, I can just get the curtains any time I wanted in the future. Since there are no one living in the guest rooms, I didn't see any reason to put curtains on them since I need sun light to come into both the rooms. Why? Because the Feng Sui Sifu told me too. haha! 

The workers were so nice  to give me extra hook for the rails for support. Initial was 3 and I added 4 during negotiation and on site, this guy told me he can give me five. Great~! Since I am hanging a double rail curtain with over 6m width curtains, I think I need more support for the rails.

Couldn't find a good angle for the master bedroom curtains as it was really dark after I let the curtains fall. I am using a thick anti-sunlight which block most of the light coming in. Plus the yellow down light in the whole room makes it even more soothing and suitable for slumber. I think the front thin piece of curtain for this master bedroom cost the most as it's the latest design in the shop. Ouch~! So finally, I can move in real soon now.

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