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Tuesday, February 8

Greenpois0n to Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 [Windows]

Finally after a long wait, The Chronic DevTeam had finally released the JB for iOS 4.2.1 for all iDevices. The had first released the Mac version a day earlier and the Windows platform a day after it. It doesn't take much of their time too when they again released another version of Greenpois0n to JB Verizon's CDMA iPhone 4 yesterday. So let me go through the step by step tutorial again on how to use this Greenpois0n to JB your iPhone 4. This JB is meant for iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G only. Actually the same JB is applicable for iPod Touch 4G, 3G and iPad too. But I am focusing more on the iPhone devices in here. As always, just a reminder that JB your iDevices might probably void your warranty so do proceed with caution. And always remember to back up your data before your do anything further. This is a JB software and it doesn't hacktivate your phone so for those factory lock phones, please wait for the unlock software. 

  1. You must have the latest iTunes or at least a 10.1 and above version installed in your PC. 
  2. Update your iOS to 4.2.1 using the new iTunes version beforehand. 
  3. Again, back up your data before your start the JB process. 
  4. Go to this website to download the Greenpois0n RC5 b2 version for Windows or this mirror site here.
  5. Extract the file to some where and you can start your JB process now. 
  6. Connect your iPhone and POWER OFF. 
 7. Open the Greenpois0n software and click on the Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU) option. 

8. You will now be instructed to put your phone into DFU mode by following the steps. 

9. Press & Hold the Sleep/Wake button for 2 seconds.

  10. Next, while still pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button, Press & Hold the Home button together for 15 seconds

 11. Now release the Sleep/Wake button while still Holding on to the Home button for another 15 seconds

12. This will bring your phone into DFU mode and you will see the Ready to Jailbreak button on the screen. Click on it and wait. 

 13. You will see a bar showing the progress of the JB on your phone now. 

 14. When the green bar is full, the JB is completed and are prompted to click the Quit button.

15. At this moment your phone will have what they said scrolling with verbose text. The phone will reboot itself after completion. 

 16. In your Home Screen, you will see a new Loader application in there. Click into it. 

 17. Cydia is the only option in there so select it and press Install

  18. After installing Cydia, you can choose to remove the loader by selecting to Uninstall it in the Loader.

19. Now your phone has Cydia in it and it's successfully JB. Update your Cydia and you are done.

There are reports/feedback saying that Cydia isn't inside the Loader after launching it. If this happens, you can try to install Cydia with Redsn0w 0.9.6 RC8 from here. Remember to just choose to install Cydia from the list and not anything else. You are also recommended to do a clean restore if the above method doesn't work. Do proceed with caution and again the writers would not take liable to any damage to any our the reader's iDevices by following the above instructions/guide. So have I tried it? Nope, cause I am waiting for iOS 4.3 to come out for more feature to upgrade. But there are friends of mine who did it and succeeded from the guide above. So enjoy folks~!

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