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Wednesday, February 16

V Day - House Cleaning

So how do I spent my Valentine's Day? House cleaning of course. Yup, no candle light dinner or romantic one day trip up Genting or what so ever. I took leave on Monday to start my house cleaning campaign. As you all might already knew, my house had finally completed and it's time to do some cleaning before I move in. But the thing is that there's plenty of dust around the house and this need to be clean off several times before it's clean enough to move in. My friends did told me that even though I had move in for several weeks, the dust will still be there. So I still need to clean my whole house every single weekend.

It took me 8 hours to clean the whole house and luckily babe joined in after her work to help out. The blardy  dust kept coming back even though I had sweep and mop the floor several times. But we were really satisfied at the end of the day when all the interior part had been clean and we even had our first lunch over there. Well, like I always said, it's not the place but the company which matters the most. We continued our cleaning up till 8pm and decided to called it a day. Babe was super tired and so am I, so decided to come back again during the weekend to give it another go. Even bought a bottle of acid to clear up my wet kitchen's tiles as proposed by some of my friends. Will try it out this weekend and see how it goes. Hopefully everything goes well and I can move in by the end of the month.

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