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Tuesday, March 15

Finally Moved In

Finally I moved in to my new home last weekend. The official moving in date was last Wednesday but I had just slept over that particular night as my clothes wasn't fully shifted over yet. Did the whole traditional moving in ceremony that day alone and my invited my lunch buddy to join me for lunch. Sourcing for those traditional ceramic type stove (or what you called it nowadays) was really a head ache. Finally decided to get a mini BBQ grill to replace it. Well, we need to improvise when we can't find what we wanted. Started the fire up and walk over it and shout HUAT AR!!! (OK, I added that last part myself at the last minute). 

I was advice to bring the furnace in to boil a pot of water and make a coffee/tea to drink. But some of my friend told me to cook some red bean dessert out of it. I opted for the first as it's more convenient and well, the oven took ages to cook the dessert if you ask me. Turned ON all the lights in the house for 2 hours and finally hanging up the 9ft long red cloth in front of my main door for 9 days (Cheong Cheong 9 9 wor). Lunch buddy came and decided to dine in with KFC that afternoon. Another friend came along and we chatted for a while waiting for the rain to stop before driving around the area scouting for properties. And 3 of us supposed to be working that day. lolx!! 

Everything is done and I overnight on that day before returning to Puchong the next day. It was last Sunday when I finally stayed and drove to work the next day (Monday). I was a bit worried at the beginning of the traffic condition since I heard the it was quite bad lately. But I was lucky this week as it's the school's holiday and traffic was not that bad. Trying out a few route to work this week to have an idea how long do I have to get myself prepare every morning. But it's nice staying under my own roof. The satisfaction of the tiring and long wait for my house to get ready finally paid off.

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