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Friday, March 4

iOS 4.3 & iTunes 10.2

Since I got constant request or questions on what to expect on the new iOS 4.3 lately, I had decided to write something up so that everyone can share about it. Is it out yet? Yes and No. iOS 4.3 Golden Mater had just recently been released to developers and not to public yet. But it's expected to be released sometime around 11th March. As for iTunes 10.2, I am downloading it now as we speak. So what's new? Is it safe to upgrade? Is it worth upgrading? Let's see now. I will try to explain what I know and understand from what I heard and see. So it might not be 100% accurate but at least 95%.^^

The iOS 4.3 will see some improvement on our mobile Safari browser in term of loading speed. You will also see some new feature like iTunes home sharing, Air Play enhancements and my personal favorite, the Personal Hotspot feature for iPhone 4 users. Let's get into details for some of the new features mentioned earlier. 

Faster Safari: 
There is a boost in loading speed from our mobile Safari due to the Nitro Javascript engine which is currently being used in our desktop version of Safari. You can expect two times faster in loading a page compared to the current version. Or so they say. 

iTunes Home Sharing: 
This is something only available on the Mac & Windows PC but now it's available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This new feature allows music, movies and TV shows to be shown on your iDevices from your iTunes library. How? Via local Wi-Fi  network. How cool is that? Now you can walk around your house with your iPad while listening to your music or movies all around your house.

AirPlay Enhancement: 
I am not such a big fan of this update (it's already available since iOS 4.2).  Basically it allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to wirelessly stream digital content to their Apple TV 2G. In this new update, users are able to stream these digital content using 3rd party apps and website rather than pre-installed apps such as iPod/Video apps and YouTube. 

Personal Hotspot: 
As the name explain, iPhone 4 users can now utilize their 3G network to create a hotspot for other devices via Wi-Fi. Imagine you are having an iPad (Wi-Fi only) and wanted to go Online but you don't have any local network Wi-Fi in your area. You can now switch this feature ON your iPhone 4 and create your own personal hotspot. It can support up to 5 devices in a combination of 3 Wi-Fi & 3 Bluetooth and one USB device. Actually I had been using this feature since my iPhone had been JB. But will most probably switch it back to this since it's an official update from Apple themselves. But I will compare the differences of them two of course. 

  1. You can now change the font for your Notes. There are 2 more extra for you to choose from
  2. You can now Cancel/Delete an App during installation. (Finally)
  3. You can now customize the alert for your messages. It means that you will be able to set how many times you will be alerted on an unread SMS/MMS. 
  4. App Store Update page had been redesign for easier viewing and update. 
  5. You have a new Push Notification feature for Ping (Apple's social network for music). 
  6. You have a new WAIT button to be added into your contact number. This will make a pause on your call for that specific contact before the phone actually make a connection.
  7. You get a new Parental Control for Ping.
  8. Location Service option had been moved to the Main Page in Settings.
The new iOS 4.3 is compatible with all iPhone 4, iPhone 3G[S], iPod Touch 4G/3G, iPad and iPad 2. So for those iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G users, iOS 4.2.1 will be the last update for you guys.

iTunes 10.2
You need this update to upgrade your phone to iOS 4.3. Nothing much in this update except it improve Home Sharing, Browse and Play from your iTunes library. But as I said, you need this new version to be able to use iOS 4.3.

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