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Monday, April 11

Plant Hunting

It was the weekends and we decided to go plant hunting for the house. Since the Master had already advice me on the location of my wealth in the house and I need to enhance it by placing some plants over at the spot. So we decided to go for some plant hunting last weekend. The location is non other than the old Sg. Buloh road. There's plenty of shops along the street and it make it more harder to decide which shop to get it from. So we just try our luck on the first shop and managed to get two pots of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or we Chinese normally called it "Fatt Choy" tree. Babe wanted two pots of this plant right in front of the house as suggested by the Master. I just Google this up and found out that it's a poisonous plant. Huh?! For real? But I am placing it outdoor, so I guess it will be alright. 

Babe wanted another pot of tree namely Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans) inside the house as it is famous being an air purifier and a lot of people placed it inside the house. So we went over the next day and got another pot of this corn plant for the dining section of the house. The plant do not need much sun light and able to live in gloomy places hence it's suitable to be place in door. I just need to water it once in a day or two. 

And we got another small plant in a pot for the bathroom. Not sure what's the name of the plant but I like this Cactus Jade (Crassula Ovata) plant because of it's cute miniature size. Easy to maintain is another factor of us choosing it too. Minimal watering but best if it can be placed outdoor at night. I think we need to get some other small pot for the other bathrooms but no hurry. As the Master said, the more green I have outdoor, the more 'green' gonna come my way~! ^^

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