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Friday, April 1

Hello Phuket (Again)

It's been at least 2 years since my last trip over to Phuket. And after that trip I was quite reluctant to return for a second trip. Reason was because I don't found that there's any attraction left for me to see unless I am going out to the beaches again (which I am not that interested). But since babe was so into the trip with her friends, I'd decided to joined in the fun. We arrived quite early that morning around 8am their time. (it's one hour earlier than our time). We checked into our hotel and started off with our walk around town. I was expecting hot and sunny weather over there since Phuket seemed to give me a 365 days bright and sunny skies but I was into some surprises when I arrived. It was non stop raining or at least drizzle for the first 2 days. Since I am not going out to the sea again, so I am not much affected. 

Babe and I woke up late in the morning enjoying our sleeps for the first time during our trip. Normally we would need to wake up early to take our breakfast and rush for the activities ahead of us but this time around, we were really laid back. Nice~! The place didn't really changed much from our last trip over. I remembered Bangla Street to be much crowded than this time around. But maybe it's due to the raining weather, that it deters the partying outside the streets. But you still see a lot of foreigners walking half naked around town as usual. We were bundle up in rain coats for the first two days which really sucks. This time around we managed to do some elephant trekking and also enjoyed some thrilling ATV rides across the muddy roads up hill. Yeah~! ATV rocks!!! (FYI, ATV - all-terrain-vehicles). 

The weather turned better on the last two days and one of my friend hooked up with the local agent to bring us around town for some good food. Richard (the agent) brought us over to this place around town which according to him served the best Thai BBQ buffet and I had to agree. Food was good and it was dirt cheap. More pictures will be uploaded on my food page soon. Since I have no time to arrange them all right now. Went for oil massage the night before we say goodbye to the land of half naked ang moh. The last day weather was really good. No sign of raining at all. We did the city tour which I didn't know existed. haha! We visited the look out point at Karon top. The big Buddha statue on the Nakkerd hill top which is between Chalong and Kata beach. Visited the shooting range and also kart circuit for some drifting action before lunch. Visited the famous Wat Chalong temples but sadly the monks were asleep when we arrived caused I wanted them to pray on my elephants statue. 

Rushed for last minute tour of the old town which is quite familiar to us since it filled with Chinese culture in it. We saw the Chinese temples which resembles the ones over here in Malaysia. Rushed for last minute shopping before headed to the air port. This time around, I didn't really took much pictures during my trip cause I had took most of the pictures before so I am a bit reserved. All of us had a lot of fun during this trip and honestly speaking, I had more fun than I expected to be. Bought tons of cup noodles and also tit bits during the trip. Managed to bought Phuket SB mug to add into my collection. Thought to bring back Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Bangkok mugs but babe worried it would be too heavy so decided to just get one for now. Maybe on my next trip over Chiang Mai or Pattaya I guess. Reached home and settled down around 1.30am. Still pull myself up for work this morning and I felt so refresh after a long holiday.

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