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Sunday, April 10

Lost & Found

It was Friday morning and I was getting ready to work. As I was walking out from my porch to open the front gate, I saw something furry on the next house pillar. Initially I thought that it was a lost puppy and when I walked closer, I realized that it was a 'labbit'. I was thinking whether to bring it in or just leave it as I was worried someone would make 'satey' tonight out of this furry creature. No time to decide as I need to leave. So I text babe and told her about this. She as a caring animal lover as always, drove over my place in search of the labbit. After some time of searching high and low, she managed to locate 'him' behind a sand hill 2 houses from mine. So she kept the labbit inside the toilet and poured him some water. Seemed like the labbit was really thirsty after his 'adventure' out that morning.
Babe saw some kid from across the street searching for something early on but didn't managed to find him to ask what he was looking for. We suspect it was the labbit. Decided to keep the labbit for the time being and babe also drop a message at the front guard house of our finding and asked to be inform if anyone reported a missing pet. Made a shout out in my community forum too but no one seemed to know anything. A lot of people seemed interested in the labbit and wanted to adopt him. This include babe too. But the next day, as I was cleaning my porch, I saw the lil kid and quickly walked over to asked if he lost anything. He told me a white & black labbit. I told him I found the labbit and it's in my bathroom. He quickly throw everything in hand and rush over my place. Return the labbit to him and the father walked over to thanked us. Felt really nice knowing that we help someone reuniting with their love ones~! ^^

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