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Tuesday, July 19

Full HD or 3D Plasma?

I posted few weeks back of my interest to get a Panny 50" Plasma. But as I was shopping around Ikano last weekend, I stumbled upon LG's 3D Plasma inside Harvey Norman. Checked out the spec and all, and everything seemed to be in place with Panny's U30K model. The only difference would be Panny come with Full HD while LG come with HD Ready. But then again, LG's PW450 is a 3D Plasma. So which is more important? What is so special bout this 3D plasma you asked? Well for one, it's their new technology using passive 3D rather than the conventional active which you see everywhere. So what's the different between passive & active you ask? Here's a few advantages which they claimed on their new passive 3D technology. 
  1. Flicker Free
  2. Light and Comfortable
  3. Battery Free
  4. Reasonable for extra glasses 
  5. Brighter Screen
  6. Flexible Viewing Angle (wide angle)
But they do have their limitation such as vertical limitation which I still haven't tested it out. The active 3D uses 1080 on each eye which means they are showing you true HD whereas passive cut down the resolution into half on each eyes to 540. You will see the difference if you really look carefully but I don't think that is really a major issue here. Most importantly it's flicker free which means you won't feel dizzy or nausea once you take off the glasses. It's light and so comfortable that you don't even know that you're wearing them. You don't have to recharge the glasses as there's no battery needed. And the glasses are so darn cheap. You can get extra 5 pairs of them for less than RM200 as compared to active glasses which cost you close to RM400 a piece. You can have a wide angle of viewing on this passive technology as compared to active which restrict to a certain angle only. 

So coming back to my predicament of either Full HD or 3D. Do I need Full HD or not? I did read around forums and reviews about this. They all agreed that for a 50" TV and with the recommended distance, you can't really see the difference between them two. Unless you're sitting 2.5m away from it, you won't really notice any difference between a Full HD or HD Ready TV. I had personally tested this last night by watching Panny's X and U series side by side. At a distance of 3m and less, you can still see the difference in sharpness on the wording especially. But if you go further back, you can't differentiate them two. I am sitting 13feet away from my TV at home, so I guess I won't see any difference. Picture quality, contrast and brightness is the same. Even if you're playing games or watching a movie at home. 

Then come the question of, "Do I really need 3D?". Since there isn't much 3D movies out there for the time being but 3DTV is the way to go in the future. The good thing about LG's new 3DTV is that, you can convert normal 2D to 3D. It's not true 3D but you do have the depth difference after switching it on and wearing those glasses. Another cool feature is the control of depth for the 3D. This comes useful for me since I am sitting further away hence I need a deeper depth in the 3D effect. So confusing on which to purchase now actually. And another  thing, LG's model has a higher resolution of 3M:1 while Panny only 2M:1. Not sure if this makes any significant difference over here or not. Never really have the chance to compare U30K and PW450 side by side till date. I need to decide soon as I really need a good TV for my home. For my video, you can watch it [HERE].

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