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Tuesday, August 2

New Toy @ Home

Finally my new toy had arrived. My friend initially told me I can get it on Sunday but at the end since most of his staff was not free, the delivery need to be delayed to Monday. Had waited in the house anxiously waiting for the cargo to arrived. Actually I never saw a 50" Plasma box before. I saw 42" or maybe 47" in the shop and it's really large. Finally when I saw them carrying down the box, it was really large. The plasma itself weight more than 30kgs. So they opened the box up and started to set up the stand as I am putting in on my new TV console soon. Nope, not hanging it on the wall. 

Well, since my TV console is not here yet. The plasma will just have to sit on the floor for the time being. My media player on the left white the iPTV box on the right. Just nice. Gonna bring down the router and add in a switcher too after the TV console had been installed hopefully by the week end. Quickly tested the quality of the plasma with some of the Full HD movies downloaded from my friend's achieve. What better movie to test rather than Avatar. And no that is not Avatar on the screen, it's Resident Evil IV on 1080 also . 

As you can see, the old 21" CRT next to the new 50" Plasma. It's like David & Goliath. Still flicking around with the settings and I am really glad right now that I am locating my Plasma under the stairs now. Cause it's far away from my sliding window which will give reflection issue if you are gonna watch it in the afternoon. Now I don't have to worry about glaring and other lighting issues. I can even use the plasma to go online and check in Facebook. Cool~! 

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