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Tuesday, July 12

You Will Always Be Remembered

It's been a sad case after another. Well I am not talking about the Bersih 2.0 rally since it's been talked about 24-7 every where online possible. Last week me and my friends had just lost a long friends of ours. She had fought with her enemy for the last 2 years plus and we all know that she still put on a smile for all of us when we sees her. We know that she is suffering and in pain inside due to the cancer cells attacking every inch of her body but she is a fighter and never gave up hope. So we as her friends, didn't either. We supported her as much as we can spiritually, mentally and physically. Whatever helps. But her battle came to an end last Friday morning when I received a text from my friend. She had breath the last breath and left us with just her fond memories.

We are all deeply sadden by this but we know that she is now in a better place with God looking down upon us. We should really be glad that she had fought this long and never gave up even though the doctors had given up hope. She still fight on and believe that everything will be alright at the end of the road. But God love her too much and decided to bring her nearer to HIM. And we respect that although we are all missing her and thinking about how she make us all smile with her jokes and antics. Ivy, you will be miss deeply among us and trust that we will never forget you. And you will always be remembered as the fighter, the dreamer and the funny lady in my heart. 

In another note, I'd just found out that one of my colleague had just been diagnosed with Leukemia. The doctor had 90% confirmation on that yesterday. It was another sad gloomy day in the office for all of us. She is still very spirited when my colleague meet up with her yesterday evening and even joke bout the result from the hospital. We will all pray for her and hopefully she will pull trough during this difficult time. I think the most we as friend can do now, is to pray and just help as much as we can and supporting her all the way. 

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