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Wednesday, July 6

Protein in Eggs

Lately I have been trying to control my diet since I am starting to do free weight as to classes. I had mix opinions in my dietary but at the end, they all agreed that taking 12 eggs a days is recommended. This is because I need the protein from the eggs to bulk up and also to repair my muscles from the exercise. But for me, 12 eggs is a bit too much even for me. So I took 6-8 a days. But how bout the yolks? I heard that the yolk gave high protein hence I still need to take some. My gym-mate recommended me to take 4 eggs with one yolk. So I took 3 whole eggs and 1 yolk since I don't wanna take too much cholesterol from the yolk. It's a bit confusing since we need the yolk's protein but then at the same time it gives bad side effect if taken too much. 

So I went online and search around. Found out that actually egg white gave an average of 4g of protein whereas the yolk only 2.7g. The cholesterol all came from the yolk alone (213mg). The carbohydrate is around the same for both (0.34g). So why do I need to take any yolk then since the white can provide me higher protein? I had the perception previously that the yolk provide higher protein but now from what I read, it's the other way around. Some friend asked why don't I take protein. Well that is another option of course. But eggs gave the most natural form of protein that the body can easily absorb. Protein in eggs is so much higher than the one you find in fish and meat too. It is 100% bio-available, which means that our body will full absorb it (amino-acid) without any wastage. As opposed to other form of protein we take (i.e powder) which need to be broken down into other form before our body can absorb it. 

So at the end, egg is still the best form of protein and for our body. But depending on your exercise routine, it will determine how much do you really need to consume it. Some research shows that we do not want to exceed 300mg of cholesterol a day but a yolk alone already gives a 213mg. So just take it moderately I guess. But as all the dietitian will agree, eat moderately and in balance. We need to have a balance of everything in our diet. Cutting down in oily and fried food is definitely a must if you want to stay healthy needless to say if you wanted to buff up. So balance your exercise with good healthy diet.  

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