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Sunday, May 31

My New Blog On The Block

Yes, Finally my new blog is almost complete and it's ready to be publish to everyone. I know some who had already been invited to catch the soft launch few weeks back. Just wanna thanks for your feedback on the blog and hope that there will be good response on my new blog. Well as I mentioned earlier, the blog focuses only on my food reviews. I will still remain the existing food reviews in here but will not update it over here but rather over the new blog. You can visit my new blog at

Appreciate the support and also the feedback from all of you out there.


Saturday, May 30

Terminator Salvation

To be honest I wasn't that excited to catch this movie at the beginning or even gonna watch it in the cinema but since my friend was booking it last night, so I just asked her to include me. So I am going in with no expectation at all. Unexpectedly, it was a good thing. The movie starts at midnight and end around 1.50am. So it's close to a 2 hour show.

This time around, Christian Bale lead the cast as human last hope John Connor. It continues after part 3 of the quad-trilogy series when Skynet launch a nuclear attack or Judgement Day upon the human race. The reason? Well it's quite ironic actually. Skynet was created or programmed to save the human from all threat and by all means human themselves. As Skynet believed that we are the biggest threat to human existence in the future. Well, you have to agree with Skynet on this to a certain extent.

The race between Skynet & John Connor to find Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) who is the man John Connor gonna send back to future to protect his mother, Sarah Connor and subsequently becomes his father. Yes, I know it's a bit complicated but if you did catch the first installment, you should know how the story goes by now. So the movie show how John grow to become a leader to lead the mankind or resistance to fight against the machines.

What I like about this movie was the cinematography and also the story line. I especially like the scene where John was shot down from his chopper and crash to the ground in one shot, way cool and realistic. Not to mentioned the cool machines from the movie like the T600, T800, Hunter Killer, Harvester, Motor-terminator and also the Hydrobot. Overall I guess the movie is alright and worth watching if you'd already catch the three previous installment. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Friday, May 29

Early Birds Catch The Early Worm

And so the saying goes. I arrived at Atria around 9.30am for the Adidas warehouse sales. I heard someone arrived as early as 8.30am. LOL!!! There were only around less than 20 people when I arrived. I heard that most of the people were queuing up at the other side entrance. Luckily I had choose to use this entrance although it's a bit further but it wasn't that pack.

Loraine saw me while I was queuing up and we did some catching up while waiting to go in. She was there with her friend. When we arrived at the entrance of the hall, CP was just right in front of me. People were pushing and shoving at that time. Typical Malaysian antics.

Initially I didn't managed to found anything worth buying but it was because I was reading the price tag wrongly. LOL! So before I left, I had managed to get myself 3 Climate 365 (which is equivalent to Nike Fit Dry) shirts, 1 Clima365 TechFit (which is equivalent to Nike Pro Fit), 2 pairs of Clima365 & ClimaCool shorts and 2 pairs of Chelsea & Liverpool jersey each. The total purchase for the day is RM 340 for me. I know, it's so darn cheap for all of the stuff. Didn't bought any shoes as the Bounce for man wasn't attractive compared to the ladies which I saw.

Paying counters were sufficient this time around. There were at least 6 counters for credit card and 2 for cash. I'd waited for 5 minutes and it was already my turn using credit card.

Saw the queue was so darn long when I left. I heard from the forum that the crowd had reduced after 5pm. But there wasn't much stuff to buy anymore. They will not replenish the stocks anymore. So for anyone who is going tomorrow or the day after, you be buying what we all had left over today. So my advice for those who wanna go for this sales again next round, better be early or don't go at all. I heard that they will be organizing another sales in two months time. Well lets just hope that they will choose a better venue next time around.

Thursday, May 28

It's So Heavy

It's been weeks since I last joined Body Pump class and tonight I had decided to give it a try. I had practically stop doing it since K-Bear stop teaching it few weeks back. We had lunch this afternoon and her injury is getting better now. We were talking bout some of the classes and all and did touch on the issue of not doing pump for some time and our muscle will retract very fast. So I had decided to join Cindy's class tonight. Surprisingly I didn't struggle much on the squats even though we're doing 'Voodoo Child' and I am carrying back my old 15kgs.

But upper body was hell. During chest we did 'Summer Rain', my left elbow was giving me some sharp pain. But still managed to finished the whole song with 10kgs. Clean & press was short but still I think my arms were a bit weak so I was a bit fatigue during the end. Luckily there wasn't any biceps and triceps during her class. Shoulder was a killer. We did 'I Like The Way We Move' which was so hard for me this time around. Maybe my upper body really lacks training now since I had stop pump. But my lower body is still strong as I did a lot of RPM. So the morale of the story is, don't stop doing Body Pump for more than a week or you're gonna suffer when you're going back to the class.

Wednesday, May 27

TVB Addict

Well I had been a TVB drama addict this few weeks. Since I had finished off Supernatural and Heroes both season 4, so I thought to catch back on some Eastern dramas as I am a bit out dated by now. So I borrowed 2 dramas from BQ and managed to finished it in less than 2 weeks. Astonishing I know, considering I am going to gym almost each and everyday and will only reach home close to midnight. My best record would be staying home last weekend to finish almost 10 over episodes in one day. And I can still make it for a friend's birthday dinner and catch a movie at the cinema in between. No I don't fast forward or skip some scenes while watching the dramas. Anyway, BQ just passed two more dramas to me last Tuesday and I had finished off one of them. Will be continue on my second dramas hopefully by tonight and finish it off by this weekend.

Tuesday, May 26

Technilcally Illegal

Has been driving without a valid road tax for more than half a month now. Well it's not because I didn't renew it but just that I don't have the time to change it on my windscreen that's all. The new road tax had been tuck away in my glove compartment all this while. Just realized that I haven't change it this morning. Anyway, what they say is true, what you doesn't know won't scare the day light out of you. LOL!!!

  1. The One And Only / Calling All Lovers
  2. Beat It
  3. Addicted To Love
  4. Headbangerz / Cold As Ice
  5. Wasabi
  6. Hung Up
  7. Fight!
  8. Night Life
  9. Church
  10. Breath Easy

Monday, May 25

Back To Myself

My first back to back classes since my long holiday. And I was thinking about holding back on my first step class but then I thought, what the heck~! Just max it out and sweat it off. Totally love the first track we did Tribal Dance for the final power track. What a way to finish off the class. RPM class was pack tonight. Track 5 was especially tough with 4 sets of standing attack mix with sitting climb and then to aero-race. But it was really a powerful and intense class as I sweat so much. Well that is what I came here for. Continued with Master C class with BQ, Wanie and Cindy. Sifu and Co. was here again tonight. I think I am gonna see their faces quite often on Monday night. Just wanna shout out in here, Happy Birthday Master C and Thanx Wanie for your muffins. Gonna get home early to finish off my drama tonight. hehe!

  1. Ready 2 Go / Rock This Party
  2. We're Not Gonna Take It
  3. Angels Eye
  4. Jump That Rock
  5. You Can't Stop The Beat
  6. Stamp
  7. Hardcore Angel
  8. Believe In Me
  9. Church
  10. Red Warrior

Sunday, May 24

New Blog In The Making

I had been thinking of creating another blog which focuses on my makan-venture. As I had some feedback from readers that my current blog is a bit crowded and jumble up with too many issues and posts. Actually I had thought about this long before but didn't have the time to do it. But since I found that blogger had a new feature of exporting all my posts into another blog, I had picked up the idea again. But there is still some glitches in the feature which need to be iron out. Hopefully the new blog will be up before the end of the month. Finger cross.

Master T Birthday Dinner @ Frame Cafe

It was really a long day for me as it was so darn hot the whole weekend. Evening arrived and it was time to get ready for dinner. The occasion was for Master T & Aaron's birthday dinner. Location was at Frame Cafe in TTDI. This is the first time I heard of the place so I arrived early to scout around and finally found the place.

Dinner was great with the whole crazy bunch. What a noisy and havoc group we are. Jac baked muffins for us all so there wasn't any birthday cake. After the dinner we all took the group photos before heading to 1U for movie. That is the second part of the night's agenda. Night At The Museum 2, it's really an enjoyable movie to watch with friends. Movie ends around midnight and we bid farewell with each others.

Saturday, May 23

Krabi Trip Day 4

Finally it's time for us to say goodbye to Krabi and head back to Malaysia. Can't imagine that we had already spent 3 days over there and it's now the last day. Really miss their food over there.

Found out that their air port do not have a duty free section for their tourists. Weird.

This is the second time in one week of me eating Air Asia's on board food. My flight over to Krabi was serving Nasi Lemak and now we had opted for their Chicken Rice. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought. We had pre-booked so it's not that expensive.

Finally we reached Malaysia soil at about 4.15pm. Oh, I miss my bed so much. Thinking back of all the food I had during this trip makes me wanna go to the gym after getting home, which I did. Definitely need to burn off the extra load I had during the whole trip. Totally a memorable trip for me and my babe.

Krabi Trip Day 3

Started off the third day with some massage session after breakfast. We had a Thai massage by the hotel side yesterday after our island trip. Now we decided to try some massage parlor nearby our hotel. So at the end we decided to give this place a try. As the price and the ambiance was really attractive.

After a long massage we were all hungry and I had suggested to try out their McDonald's as they offer pork in their menu. The prices for their value over there is more expensive than Malaysia. But they are having a promotion right now, for buying a value meal we are entitle to get another cheese burger for free. Good deal.

This is the Grilled Beef Burger which was on promo that day. Actually it's something like our prosperity burger minus the black pepper.

This is the FOC Pork Cheese Burger which I had. What's the different? Meat a bit softer compared to the beef we normally have. Nothing much special bout it. Just an experience and having to be able to say that I had no-halal burger at McDonalds. LOL!

We had a long walk from Ao Nang street back to our hotel and going from one shop to another buying stuff and souvenirs. It was totally a hot sunny day that day. That is why no one goes around walking along the street during noon as it was so damn hot.

There is a lot of food stalls along the street which we can choose from. This particular stall sells some chicken on a stick which similar to Malaysia. Did I tried any road side food during this trip? Well just once actually. Not that into their food maybe.

Krabi Trip Day 2

Second day started early in the morning with all of us arriving at the port and heading for our island hopping session. The package includes 4 island and snorkeling with inclusive of one lunch.

Finally Baby Octopus had return to the sea and reunited with his own species. LOL!!!

All of us signed our names on the sand with Kenix being the main artist. What a way to remember our trip to the island.

After a long island hopping and snorkeling, we got back to the hotel and freshened up before heading to town for dinner. This is one of the best restaurant in town called Ruenmai-Thai Restaurant. Food was great and price was reasonable.

Friday, May 22

Krabi Trip Day 1

Our flight was 12.30pm and we arrived Krabi around 2.30pm (Thailand time). We got on the bus which was included on our trip itinerary.

First stop, Tiger Cave. Well legend has it that tigers roams this caves or mountain and when the monk came, the tigers went away. And now, the place is being invaded by wild monkeys.

I realized that they have Kwan Yin in this temple too. Very nice building.

We were treated with one of the local specialty, Duck Noodle. They breed the duck themselves over there. I can see the group of ducks swimming in the ponds and all, so nice but I can't say the same of the noodle though. LOL!

Went to Krabi town to have a short shopping and look around. Wasn't as bad as I though. There is only one shopping mall over there. Something like my hometown I think.

Then we arrived at this semi government subsidized marine project. Not sure this is what I wanna see as I can see this stuff at Shah Alam too.

Anyway, it's part of the itinerary. And we went back to the hotel and checking in. The hotel room was so damn nice and comfortable. Especially like the face towel which they folded to look like an elephant. There is even a outdoor garden in each of our room. Service was great and it's located at the city center. Nice. By the way, the name of the hotel is La Playa.

Sunday, May 17

Coco's First Visit To The Vet

Coco had been shedding off fur from some part of his body for some time now. Babe and me had wanted to send him to the vet but we didn't have time during the weekends. And by Sunday, the vets are all close. But we found out that there were one at Atria which open half day on Sunday. But when we arrived today, it was close. Called the doctor and he told me that he's not opening today and I asked him to recommend me another vet. He was so nice to recommend me to another vet which is just opposite my house at Taman Megah.

When we arrived, there were two owners with their dogs waiting to see the doctor. One with a Boxer and another with his miniature Schnauzer. Coco was all intimidated when he entered the clinic as there were already two dogs in there. Registered him and waited for our turn. Another owner came in with a Dachshund. Finally it was our turn and I carry Coco into the room. We weigh him and later placed him on the operation table. The doctor examine his body and took some sample and look under the microscope. It's a fur mite problem. Coco is feeling itchy and hence licking himself all the day and fur is shed by it. So to stop the shedding, we need to cure his itchiness. Coco got a jab and recommended to get a body spray to be applied on his body to reduce the itching. The jab, spray and consultation cost us RM150. Costly? Well what can we do? Coco is our pet and it's our responsibility to take care of our pet : ) Hopefully he be fine soon.

My First Tiger

Finally I own my first Tiger. What series did I bought? Well I think some can guess by now. This model had been in my head for so long but I didn't find a color which I prefer. So when I laid my eyes on this pair, you can say that it was love at first sight. So at the end of the day, I decided to adopt this Tiger back home.

Thursday, May 14

How Hard Do You Work Out?

How do you define how hard you have work out each time you go to gym? I mean if you're doing cardio or resistance or even RPM classes. How do you define if you're really working hard enough? Is it the non stop beating of your heart after each track? Or the amount you sweat after the whole class? I saw one of the RPM instructor who sweat so much that it created a puddle of water underneath his bike. Well, I think we all agree that the more we sweat, the more calories we burn in our body. I have this bad habit of weighing myself every morning before I go to work and each time I reach home after gym.

My weight can really varies very much during the weekends. I think I ate a lot during the weekends hence I work like mad during the weekdays. For instance today, my lunch was so crazy. I had deep fried calamari, fried chicken and lamb curry with vegetables. I was so damn full after the fulfilling lunch I had. So I would need to work out extra hard tonight. But I skipped Cindy's Body Pump as my legs was still a bit sore after the challenge last night. So I just did RPM and Combat class to sum up my exercise tonight. Hopefully I burn enough calories tonight to compensate with the super lunch I had today. So how bout you all? How do you weight your workout?

Wednesday, May 13

RPM Challenge

Finally I had joined Lilian's RPM Challenge class tonight. It was really a pain in the arse looking for a parking space tonight. But luckily I managed to get a spot right in front of the building. It was only 5.45pm but almost all the bikes had been booked. Luckily QQ arrived earlier and signed in for 3 of us (MD & BQ). So what is the different between a normal 50 minutes class and an one hour Challenge class? Well all I know is that there are another additional 2 more tracks for the challenge. Seemed like I was the only newbie on this Challenge class tonight.

Tracks was really tough even for the speed work. I am feeling that speed work are more difficult than mountain climb tracks. The speed work seemed so long tonight. Half way through while Lilian was calling out MD & BQ's name, she shouted my name too. How the hell did she know my name? Well only one suspect comes to my head. QQ found something wrong on my shoulders during the class. Hmm....need to look into that as I don't even realize it during the class. But I won't be here next week. Sigh~! So gonna try to fix it on tomorrow's class. Oh, another RPM class tomorrow. Ouch~!

PS: Is dolphins really that similar to sea lion? Well one of my friend think so. LOL!!

Pick n Brew (3rd Visit) @ Shah Alam

I was having lunch with a friend this afternoon at Pick n Brew again and I saw they are having this new set lunch displayed on the table. So I had ordered one of the set. This is the Prawn Aglio pasta. Enough spices and olive olive and the pasta isn't that soft but just nice to bite into. But I rather have a Spicy Aglio Oleo anytime. But still this is a good plate of pasta to have on a lunch. Portion was quite generous for the price. (RM15.00/Set)

My friend had ordered the Nasi Kerabu. I think I had post a blog bout this dish before. The rice was filled with herbs and spices which is good but sadly it's too dry. They used peanut gravy ala satey sauce for the topping on the chicken. Chicken was tender and nice. It come with Acar on the side but I am not so into it. (RM17.00)

This is the Blackcurrant Soda which I think it's blackcurrant syrup added into soda water. Don't get me wrong, I like this drink. Blackcurrant with gas, nice.

My friend had ordered the Hot Chocolate for her drink. It's nice and warm. Together with the ambiance over at the cafe, it's very soothing. The crowd started to come in after 1pm. The place was pack when we left. Business was really that good. (RM9.00)

Overall, other than the Nasi Kerabu, I am very satisfied with the meal I had. What they served other than the Prawn Aglio? Well they have Meatball Pasta, Scampi and Vongole with Basil & Tomato and Penne Arabiatta. All the set meal come with their soup of the day and blackcurrant soda. So if you're looking for a good place to sit back and have lunch with good coffee to drink, this would be one of the place. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Tuesday, May 12

How Well Do You Know Me?

It was close to midnight and I was curious with one of the (HOT??) application in FB. It's called, 'How Well Do You Know (your name) and in this case my name. I was first asked to play this game by K-Bear. I think I scored not bad at all too. Anyway back to my story. I was fiddling through the application and thinking of what type of questions to ask. After getting to the 6th question, I suddenly felt that the questions was a bit too bias. Well bias as in more towards my friend in FF. Who else could have know how many classes I had in one week, right?? So I had decided to delete the questions and forget about it. Then today I saw someone answered my questions and their scores. So I went in and saw a few of my friends had tried out the questions. TTB was the first (I heard) to start the ball rolling. Thanx babe.

Surprisingly LP got the highest scores. TTB, BQ, CP and K-Bear scored the same scores. Bit disappointing for the latter. LOL! What surprise me more, was that one of my friend who doesn't join FF scored a higher marks on the test compared to my gym-mates. I think most of the people got the "What Is My Favourite Food" wrong. Yes, I post a lot of Char Siew on my blog but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's my favourite food. I eat rice everyday, so does that mean it's my favourite food? It's a normal test but it's sometimes funny knowning how much people know about you or you thought they know about you.

Monday, May 11

Good Friendly Service

After meeting this morning I was preparing all the documents necessary for my EPF withdrawal. Making sure that I have all the documents ready and also making copies of the S&P and Loan Agreements. Boss decided to treat us for lunch at Esquire Kitchen inside Tropicana City. Sweet~!

After lunch, settled all my paper work and off I go to EPF centre located at Jalan Gasing. I am so lucky that the office is near to mine. There were especially more people there today. Got my number and there were 17 people in front of me. I thought that this is gonna be a long day for me but the number was running faster than I expected. I think within 15 minutes, it was already my turn. It was a Malay chap which attended to me. I expect a serious no nonsense type of officer but hell I was wrong. He greeted me with a warm smile and ask me to take a seat while attending to my enquiry. While going through my documents checking on the particulars and all, he was so nice to make conversation with me making time pass really fast. Before I know it, I was signing the documents and I it was settled. After today, I am starting to have some faith or positive impression of our government servant's services. Now I just need to wait 2 -3 weeks before the money is transferred to my account. Yes~!

Barely make it for Riyo's step class as most of the spot had been booked. So I had to stand right beside of the stage with my board place vertical to it. Damn it was confusing at the beginning. Stephany was replacing for Herny tonight. I just saw the name Steph on the board and was still thinking if it was the same Stephany I know. As I was adjusting my bike she walk in and was telling me something from last Wednesday class. Damn I hate the bike at TC. Another default bike but luckily I still managed to swap to the one next to it. So I was right in front of the stage facing her. This is not good. Tracks was really tough and I was really pushing myself tonight as I know I am not doing pump later. Was totally covered in my own sweat at the end of the class. BQ was here tonight to join combat. I think Malaysian Idol almost had another 'episode' during Track 8. LOL! Oh I am so BAD!! And what do you know, Sifu was here tonight with The Dark One.
  1. Writing On The Wall / Because The Night
  2. Final Count Down
  3. Smoke On Water
  4. Light's Out
  5. Hymn
  6. Stamp
  7. The 6th Gate
  8. Night Life
  9. Not Gonna Get Us
  10. Red Warrior

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day

The weekend starts off for me very early as I had promised my mom to go over my brother's house for breakfast. She had bought the famous dry pan mee from Kajang for me. Oh how, can I say NO to that request??! After taking breakfast, babe and me decided to hang out at my bro's house while he's installing the software for my babe's new Mac. I fall asleep half way as it was really hot that day.

Woke up and was deciding where to have dinner with my parents. Initially it was supposed to be TGI Friday at IOI Mall but since mom wanted something with cook rice, so we opted for a new seafood at Bandar Puteri. But we changed to another place after that when we found out that the place was fully booked. After dinner, we went over to Secret Recipe for dessert as my parents like their cakes very much. Ordered 6 different slices of cakes while spending some quality time with my parents.

I was initially planning to go for Master T's morning class but bro called for breakfast and I postponed my plan for next week. We had breakfast and decided to check out some shops at Damansara Utama for some house appliances. There are so many lighting shops in Damansara Utama. I think there is at least 6 shops in the same row. After having a long time checking out the shops, decided to sit down and have a drink at Old Town. Decided to call it a day as I wanted to look for a vet for Coco.

Found out that he is having some fungus thingy disease which is slowly spreading from his tail to his body. But found out that most of the vet only operates half day on Sunday. The funny part was during the drive over to Damansara Jaya looking for the vet. Coco was so scared that he was trying to look for a way out my car and finally hides up at the windscreen behind my car. He was purring all the way, so pity. He sounded so scared but babe and me was laughing as it sounded so cute to us.

Saturday, May 9

X Men Origins : Wolverine

Everyone has their own origins, even superheros. So this movie focuses on one of my all time favourite superheros character, Wolverine from the X-Men. Who doesn't like Wolverine? I mean with that bad ass look, cool bods and that super cool Adamantium retractable sharp blades (or rather bones) coming out from both his hands. They got it right by choosing Hugh Jackman to play the character in the first installment. The attitude and the looks was just perfect.

So back to this movie, it started off telling the tales of two brothers (non blood related) who ran away from home and had been through wars and death together. But one of them Victor a.k.a Sabretooth had turn uncontrollable during this time and at the end they both part ways. Jimmy Logan a.k.a Wolverine had resided himself from the world with his lover up the hills but finally being caught up by his old employer, Skyler.

In the movies, you will see a lot of faces which are familiar to the X-Men franchise, such as Gambit, Night Crawler, Storm, Cyclops and the in famous Weapon XI a.k.a Death Pool. Oh man, he's so damn cool. Not gonna tell the ending here but let you watch it yourself instead. A great movie to share with friends as I like the story line. Not too boring but not too much action. It shows the emotional side of Wolverine which we don't really see much. Definitely a movie to be recommended to my friends. (Rating: 4 out of 5)

PS: There is some snippets at the end of the movie. So don't walk out that fast when the credits come rolling down. : ) And I heard there is another ending to this which I am not gonna mentioned in here to spoil the fun.

Friday, May 8

Zooming Back To KL

I was driving back from Johor around noon as I plan to make it for the signing for my S&P and bank loan documents at the lawyer firm. Managed to reach KL after 3 and a half hour which is earlier than I expected. No, I didn't speed, well most of the journey except the stretch between Pork Dickson and Nilai exit. I was so damn bored when I saw one Honda Accord being tailed by another Hyundai Accent who is being tailed by a KELISA??? Well, I joined in the chase as I was really bored of traveling at 110km/hr the whole journey. I think 4 of us drove at least 160km/hr while cutting pass all the car and tailgating them all at one point. There were a lot of cars between Seremban and Nilai as usual so we squeezed in between cars and the Accord even used the emergency lane. How crazy is that. LOL!!

Anyway, I reached Shah Alam and signed like 400 pages of documents. Decided not to go for gym tonight as I wasn't in the mood and was a bit tired. So decided to catch a movie instead. I can't wait to catch X Men Origins since last weekend while I'm up North with the gang. So I had decided to watch it this weekend no matter what. Managed to bought the tickets for the 11.40pm show. Actually there were seats for the 9.40pm show but I didn't really like the seats. After finishing dinner and shopping we were waiting at the book store nearby the cinema when suddenly someone jump up behind me. Damn~! It was MD. He had just finished the 9.40pm session. What a small world. He saw me from far away and decided to give me a surprised. Movie was great and didn't really felt any boring or sleepy session during the whole movie. Wolverine's ROCK!!!

Wednesday, May 6

Gut Feeling Vs. Brain ???

Boy I was so sleepy when I was driving pass Melaka. Almost doze off while driving but luckily managed to recover back before anything unforeseen incident could arise. Quickly stop at the closest R&R and freshen up. Drove all the way down Senai after that. Gut feeling won over brain and I ended up 35km away from the actual destination. Stupid stupid stupid~! Almost ended up at Second Link. LOL! Finished off all the appointments and drop by Metrojaya's warehouse sales which so happen to be held over at Danga City Mall (*wink wink*). Wasn't what I expected. Lots of sales and items but not my interest though. Check in and rest before heading out looking for food. After going through few shopping mall, decided to settle down with Lavazza Cafe. Food suck! Mushroom soup too watery and my Cabonara too salty. For the love of god, how the hell did they managed to cook up a salty Cabonara? Went back and try to go online but the hotel's WiFi fark me up again although I am staying in a lower floor now. Sigh~! Had a long day today and gonna have a longer one tomorrow, so better rest early. And I should be doing back-to-back RPM class right now. Sigh~!!!

She's Back

Tonight's Body Step class was so pack. I don't know where does all the people came from. This has got to be one of the largest crowd for Tuesday night class. During Brian's class, I saw Sue waving at me from outside. Yes, she's back. Can't wait for her class later. Sue look all slim down from the last I saw her. The muscles and all were all gone. She look quite smaller size now. LOL! Nevertheless, she been through some rough time and now she's back. And the rest is history. It was a mixture of old and new releases tonight. And she was so nice to do Miracle for the back track for me as she know it's one of my favourite. After 1 week of not doing any pump class, I was really tired during biceps. Continued with Master T's combat class later on. Class was pack tonight. A lot of new faces around. After the class BQ wanted to have some food so managed to 'buy' me to have supper with her. Yes, I am just worth a basket of fries. LOL! Call it a night earlier tonight as I need an early head start tomorrow for my trip down South. Oh, where can I find some really good food down there?

  1. Think About The Way / Mundian To Bach Ke
  2. Action
  3. Luv U More
  4. Tribal Dance
  5. How Far We've Come
  6. Stamp
  7. Jump
  8. Back In The UK
  9. Bite The Dusk
  10. In The Air Tonight

Monday, May 4

Jalan Macalister @ Penang Island

The last stop for my makan trip up North would be the famous night spot along Jalan Macalister. I was afraid that no one would believe the name of the street so here it is, Lorong Baru.

It was raining when we arrived that night. So it was a bit troublesome to walk around holding our umbrella while checking up all the stalls. So what did I ordered that night? What else?

Lobak. I will not miss a chance on ordering this. Well actually my friend ordered this so I just wallop only. Not bad.

Found one of the stall selling Fried Oyster. Good news, oyster is large and a lot. But still a bit too starchy for me. But it's juicy and fresh though.

This is the Char Keuy Kak from the same stall as the Fried Oyster. I am not into this but according to my friends, it's damn good. They even ordered another two plates after the first.

This would be my forth and last plate of Char Kuey Teow in town. What is the different you ask. Well this time around, I had ordered Char Kuey Teow with Duck Egg. What's the different in taste? Nothing much. Just another plate of Char Kuey Teow. And I was hoping for something special. Disappointed again.

Actually we didn't just ordered fried chicken wings and liver, but Fried Chicken Skin but I didn't snap a picture of it. Couldn't resist not ordering this dish as I didn't see anyone selling it in KL. Not too bad if you like to eat those skins on KFC.

According to my friend, Macalister sells the best Fried Intestine Satey in town. Yes, this is definitely better than the first we had at Gurney Drive. We even managed to con a friend of ours to have one saying that it's chicken meat. Damn that was one funny sight.

Jalan Eng Kwee @ Penang Island

I am not too sure about the location of this shop too but I guess it's along Jalan Eng Kwee if I am not mistaken. It's famous for their Char Kuey Teow and also Cendol. I think this is gonna be my 3rd plate of Char Kuey Teow of the trip. Place was small and pack but luckily found a table to sit.

Walk over to the Char Kuey Teow Stall and order, and the guy give me a heads up as there is still 20 plates before mine. Since I am really looking forward to try this so I decided to wait and so did my other friends. Saw the lady cooking non stop the whole time and till one time, they ran out of kuey teow and calling it a day. Yes, business was really that good for them.

So here is my plate of Char Kuey Teow #3. Outlook is the best I saw from all the stall but I couldn't say the same bout the taste though. Taste was plain and nothing special. Was totally disappointed again. Has Penang's Char Kuey Teow really drop that much of it's quality?

Since I am waiting for my Char Kuey Teow, I had decided to order some side dishes to eat to ease my hungriness. Saw an old lady selling lobak. Yes, that is what I wanted to eat. Not too filling but just nice. Not much choices so I just choose the lobak.

Well I guess you can't really go wrong with Lobak. As long as it's hot and juicy, it's OK with me. But still they need to control the fire so that it won't over cook it.

To cleanse my thirst I had ordered their Cendol which I heard was superb. Or so I heard. People were queuing up to buy the drink. So I assume it would be true.

In came my cendol and I realized that we need to pay an extra 50 cents if you order in the cendol. There is two stall over there and the old lady serving drink will tell you that it's the same but trust me, it's not. Well that is what I heard from my friend at least.

Some of my friends decided to try out their Asam Laksa. Nothing much to brag about here. Just your typical Asam Laksa. And yes, I am not an Asam Laksa fans too. So don't expect me giving reviews on them in the future. :P

Overall the place was totally over rated and I am still not sure what is the buzz is all about. Char Kuey Teow was disappointing but people are still queueing up to take away and it was sold off even before dinner time. Weird~!

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